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Deanna Moisset

Gifted and Talented Supervisor

Office: 531-299-9494


Secretary: 531-299-9400

Gifted and Talented Staff


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Sue Bauerly Laura Beeghly Mary Blair Tina Buda
Connie Carruthers Laura Chan Colleen Connor Pat deGroot
Sharon Flinn Jennifer Hardy Cami Herold Kristin Johnson
Anne Muehlbauer Beth O'Hanlon Sherri Schumann Carol Shaw
Marie Spomer Joann Thurlow MaryBeth Twohey Shelly Wurth
Jennifer Yannone      



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Adams Connie Carruthers  www Jefferson Joann Thurlow  www
APR Beth O'Hanlon  www Joslyn MaryBeth Twohey  www
Bancroft Pat deGroot  www Kellom Connie Carruthers  www
Beals Beth O'Hanlon  www Kennedy Mary Blair  www
Belle Ryan Mary Blair  www King Marie Spomer  www
Belvedere Laura Beeghly  www Liberty Carol Shaw  www
Benson West Cami Herold  www Lothrop Jennifer Yannone  www
Boyd Sherri Schumann  www Masters Joann Thurlow  www
Castelar Connie Carruthers   www Miller Park Beth O'Hanlon  www
Catlin Tina Buda  www Minne Lusa MaryBeth Twohey  www
Central Park Marie Spomer  www Mount View Colleen Connor  www
Chandler View Marie Spomer  www Oak Valley Tina Buda  www
Columbian Sue Bauerly  www Pawnee Pat deGroot  www
Conestoga Anne Muehlbauer  www Picotte Shelly Wurth  www
Crestridge Jennifer Yannone  www Pinewood Colleen Connor  www
Dodge Sue Bauerly  www Ponca Laura Beeghly  www
Druid Hill Beth O'Hanlon  www Prairie Wind Jennifer Yannone  www
Dundee Kristin Johnson  www Rose Hill Sharon Flinn  www
Edison Sue Bauerly  www Saddlebrook Shelly Wurth  www
Gomez Jennifer Hardy  www Saratoga Colleen Connor  www
Field Club Cami Herold  www Sherman Jennifer Hardy  www
Florence Sherri Schumann  www Skinner Tina Buda  www
Fontenelle Marie Spomer  www Spring Lake Colleen Connor  www
Franklin Connie Carruthers  www Springville Shelly Wurth  www
Fullerton Laura Chan  www Standing Bear Kristin Johnson  www
Gateway Anne Muehlbauer  www Sunny Slope Pat deGroot  www
Gilder MaryBeth Twohey  www Wakonda Mary Blair  www
Harrison Laura Beeghly  www Walnut Hill Anne Muehlbauer  www
Hartman Cami Herold  www Washington Sharon Flinn  www
Highland Joann Thurlow  www Western Hills Mary Blair  www
Indian Hill Jennifer Hardy  www Wilson Sherri Schumann  www
Jackson Kristin Johnson  www      


Middle Level  (Grades 5-8)

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 School Grade
 GATE Facilitator
Alfonza Davis Middle
6th, 7th, 8th     
8050 N 129th Avenue 68142
Allison Temple
Alice Buffett Magnet Middle
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
14101 Larimore Ave 68164-5135 Megan Thompson
Beveridge Magnet
7th, 8th
1616 S 120 St 68144-1687 Jeff Erixon
Bryan Middle
7th, 8th 8210 S 42 St 68147-1705 Sue Hamilton
Hale Middle
7th, 8th 6143 Whitmore St 68152-2260
Sara Ridgley 
King Science & Tech Magnet
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th 3720 Florence Blvd 68111-1794

Lindsey Wilson

Lewis & Clark Middle
7th, 8th 6901 Burt St 68132-2694 Melissa Shrago
McMillan Magnet Center
7th, 8th 3802 Redick Ave 68112-2966 John Constanzo
Monroe Middle
7th, 8th 5105 Bedford Ave 68104-3598 Ruth Puls
Morton Magnet Middle
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th 4606 Terrace Dr 68134-3099 Robert Carmichael
Norris Middle
7th, 8th 2235 S 46 St 68106-3399 Katrina Jacoberger
R.M. Marrs Magnet Center
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th 5619 S 19 St 68107-3699 Panyoua Yang

Senior High Schools
For general Gifted and Talented questions, contact supervisor  

Deanna Moisset - Gifted and Talented Supervisor 

Office: (531) 299-9494

For questions regarding Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment offerings contact the AP coordinator
at your student's senior high. Click on their name to access their page.

Benson Mary Reece
North Michele Ricard
Bryan Lindsey Behne
Northwest Mark Seaberg
Burke Jane Luethge South Susana Lara
Central Cathy Andrus