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Lesson Plan Book Guides

Our district remains committed to providing a high quality lesson-planning product for teachers in OPS and the next steps for lesson planning in OPS are as follows:

·        All new teachers who are not yet tenured or teachers on a plan of assistance are the only staff required to use one of the district lesson plan templates.  

·        All tenured teachers, not on a plan of assistance, may continue to use the lesson plan template of their choice, provided that it contains the seven required components of lesson planning in OPS: 1) Anticipatory Set, 2) Objective/Learning Goal, 3) Modeled, 4) Shared, 5) Guided, 6) Independent (Components 3-6 represent the Gradual Release of Instruction), and 7) Summary. 

·        It is not the expectation that teachers spend extraordinary amounts of time on writing lesson plans. Rather it is the quality of the instruction that has the most significant impact on achievement, not just the writing of a quality lesson.   More information on the Gradual Release of Instruction model can be found in the Best Instructional Practices Handbook.  

·        Remember it is acceptable to use short fragments or bulleted statements when writing lesson plans. As mentioned, the focus should be on the design of high quality instruction with descriptive feedback not the writing of long, scripted lesson plans. 

·        The lesson plan-scoring guide and lesson plan checklist can be accessed on this webpage. 

·        The lesson plan review process remains the same as stated in the OPS Practices and Procedures, “Lesson plans are required and should be outlined at least one week in advance. Plans may be requested at any time by the principal.” 

·        If a staff member is using a section of a pre-developed lesson plan that is available through an OPS adopted curriculum resource, it is acceptable to cite the page number from the curriculum resource as opposed to retyping that content into their lesson plan. All required components of lesson planning must be evident.


Please contact your building administrator with questions about lesson plan expectations at your school.

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Elementary 2 Form.doc 

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Lesson Plan Scoring Guide - 5.27.14.docx



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