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Title I News

Match the Mitten.jpg  Match the Mitten
Materials: Paper in a variety of colors, magazine pages, scissors, glue, 8" x 10" (approximately) paperboard, cardboard or heavy construction paper.
What to do: Cut out sets of mittens from paper or magazine pages. Each set should look identical. Glue one mitten from each set to one side of the cardboard. On the other side, make a pocket for the matching mitten. (This is accomplished by cutting a rectangle from paper, tape or glue down the right side, flex the paper, tape or glue the bottom, then secure the left side.) Additional games may be created using geometric shapes or different clothing items.
Related Books: The Mitten by Jan Brett, The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirley Neitzel 

  Rainbow Fish
Materials: Paper plates, scissors, stapler, crayons, buttons, glue.
What to do: Help your child cut out a large "V" from the side of a paper plate. Help your child staple the "V" shape, pointed side in, to the opposite side of the same paper plate. Cut a medium-sized "V" (this will be the dorsal fin) and a long thin "V" (this will be the pectoral fin) from an extra paper plate. Staple the dorsal fin to the top of the fish shape and the pectoral fin (point side up) to the bottom. Use bright-colored crayons to make the artwork resemble a tropical fish. See any book from the Rainbow Fish series for examples. Glue a button on the fish for an eye. If available, glue glitter on the fish to achieve the look of the characters in the Rainbow Fish stories.
Related Books: Any from the Rainbow Fish series by Marcus Pfister. 

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