Smokin' BBQ

Do you want to involve parents &

The community in a fun activity 

Nutrition Services has the perfect solution for you!

The Barbecue Picnic!

We have created a picnic menu complete with grilled hamburgers, fresh carrot dippers, frozen mango juice cups and milk.  Started in 1991, the popularity of the BBQ picnics have grown tremendously!  The event is a wonderful way to celebrate Track & Field Days or invite parents and community members to the school.  The barbecue calendar fills quickly so we encourage everyone to sign up early.  As an alternate to the Barbecue Picnic, we also have a mock picnic menu.  Please contact the Nutrition Services Office for details. 

                                    Menu                                                                  Mock Menu

Hamburger Patty on a Bun                                 Hamburger Patty on a Bun

Fresh Carrot Dippers with Ranch Dressing        (without the grill)

Potato Chips                                                       Fresh Carrot Dippers with Ranch Dressing

Frozen Mango Juice Cup                                    Frozen Mango Juice Cup

Milk                                                                      Milk