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Paid Time Off Benefits

Sick Leave
  • 10 or 12 days per year (1 day per month) 
  • Carryover unused days
  •  Usage: 
    • Personal illness
    • Family illness
  • Refer to Policy & Regulations 4.17 and negotiated agreement 


  •  261 day employees are eligible for 10 vacation days, and are allowed to earn additional days associated with length of service
  • 274 day employees receive 23 days vacation
  • Refer to Policy & Regulations 4.17 and negotiated agreement

Personal / Emergency Leave

  •  Determined by negotiated contract
  • 1 day per semester (first year)
  • Maximum of 2 days per year
  • Refer to Policy & Regulations 4.16 and negotiated agreement

Bereavement Leave

  • Immediate Family
    • As defined in OPS Policy & Contract
    • 4 days (travel 200 miles or less)
    • 5 days (travel greater than 200 miles)
  • Other near relatives
    • 1 day
  • Refer to Policy & Regulations 4.15 and negotiated agreement

Jury / Election Duty

  • Refer to Policy & Regulation 4.12 and negotiated agreement
  •  Employees who are called for jury duty are required to remit to the Douglas County School District 0001 any compensation (other than expenses) received for hours the employee was excused from duty.  If such compensation is not remitted to the Assistant Superintendent for General Admission Services, an identical amount will be deducted from the employee's daily salary.
  •  Jury service typically consists of reporting every day or every other day until actually selected and impaneled for a jury.  Employees shall report to work during all periods that the employee is not actually required to serve in the capacity of a juror.