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Staff Development


The mission of the Staff Development Office is to serve the teachers, administrators and support staff of the Omaha Public School District by supporting/providing growth opportunities to advance thinking and maximize employee development and job effectiveness. When employees develop to their fullest potential, student achievement increases.


The goals of the Staff Development Office are to provide staff with opportunities to:

Promote training based on the interrelationship between staff development and organizational effectiveness.
Provide opportunities for self-actualization.
Ensure that students, teachers, the school and community benefit from professional development.
Organize a continuous developmental program.
Promote programs based on assessed needs, district goals, and programmed innovations
Develop programs based on sound theory, research and effective adult learning principles.
Monitor an ongoing, multidimensional evaluation of professional development
Insure multicultural/nonsexist issues are addressed.
Develop a strategic planning model.
Serve as administrator for professional growth.


What is meant by Staff Development?

"High-quality professional development...refers to rigorous and relevant content, strategies, and organizational supports that ensure the preparation and career-long development of teachers and others whose competence, expectations and actions influence the teaching and learning environment"
-United States Department of Education

"...staff development is no longer viewed as something that is only necessary for teachers. We now recognize that everyone who affects student learning, from the board of education, central office administrators, principals, teachers, to classified/support staff, and parents must continually improve their knowledge and skills in order to ensure student learning."
-The National Staff Development Council

Staff development is the provision of activities designed to advance participants thinking in knowledge, understanding and skills. Staff development is a comprehensive and continuous process of professional growth and self-actualization that benefits staff, the organization, students, and ultimately the community.
-Omaha Public Schools, Staff Development Services

Student learning begins with staff learning:
We believe that student learning is encouraged and increased when all staff, through effective staff development, continue to learn.

The benefits of ongoing staff development are:

  • student learning is improved
  • students see positive role models for life-long learning
  • students have improved attitudes toward learning
  • students are better prepared to manage change
  • staff are more effective in their roles
  • staff work together to maximize use of resources for students
  • staff feel valued and show commitment
  • staff are flexible and adaptable
  • we continue to attract and keep highly qualified staff

To be successful, we organize staff development based on the following principles:

  • staff training improves student performance and meets organizational goals
  • all staff, as life-long learners, share a personal responsibility for individual and organizational growth
  • all staff are expected to be involved
  • training is based on proven practice
  • training is planned, ongoing, systematic, and sustained
  • internal resources are valued and used effectively
  • collaboration and trust are essential
  • programs include rigorous evaluation and communication of results.

Working together to help our students be the best that they can be.