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Office of Community, School & Family Engagement

Our Mission:
The mission of the Office of Community, School and Family Engagement is to empower schools, families and communities to improve student achievement.

The vision of the Office of Community, School & Family Engagement is to proactively support schools, children and families through resources, information, services and community partnerships.

Core Value
To remove barriers to student learning.

Roles and Functions
To coordinate and promote family outreach efforts to increase the involvement of families in the education of their children and to boost participation of site partners and parent groups in support of the District's vision and mission statements.

Office of Community, School & Family Engagement (OCSFE) Goals:

Goal 1: Boost participation of site partners, collaborating organizations, parents, and parent groups to increase student achievement and family well-being.
Goal 2: Ensure accessible and transparent two-way communication specific to district level initiatives, processes, and policies between central office community stakeholders, and OPS staff.
Goal 3: Increase the level of parental engagement at home, school, and district levels to support children's learning and strengthen formal school structures.

Welcome to OCSFE

African American Achievement Council (AAAC)


To improve achievement in each school until the percentage of successful African American students is equal to the percentage of successful non-black students in the school district.


Inform parents and guardians about:

  • Expectations and specific activities to help them with their preschool and school age students.
  • Ways to communicate effectively within the system.
  • Available services to aid parents in helping their children.

2015-16 CALENDAR 

Meetings are routinely held the third Friday of the month, 11:30 AM -1:00 PM at the Teacher Administrative Center (TAC), 3215 Cuming Street, Omaha, NE 68131.

*Cafeteria opens at 11:15 for those who would like to purchase lunch.

February 19, 2016 (5-151)

March 18, 2016 (5-151)

April 15, 2016 (5-151)

May 20, 2016 (5-151)


For more information contact:

 Chris Flott (402) 557-2792

 Fax (402) 557-2786


The Omaha Public Schools strongly believes that daily attendance is critical to academic achievement.  We expect every student to attend school and classes on time every day.  OPS Research shows that there is a meaningful link between student attendance and achievement.  In accordance to the Nebraska State Statute 79-209, the Omaha Public School district has in place an attendance policy that supports the encouragement of daily attendance.  Parent/Guardians are encouraged to call their child’s school as soon as they are aware their child will be absent.

The District notifies parents/guardians when a student has missed the equivalent of five, ten, and fifteen days.  The District notifies the County Attorney when a student missed the equivalent of 20 days, and then the County Attorney decides whether to refer back to the school for more intervention, Nolle Pros, diversion, or file a petition in juvenile court.

If you need assistance with attendance issues, please contact your child’s building administrator, SSL, or school counselor.

See OPS Attendance Policy - English Version  here

See OPS Attendance Policy - Spanish Version here

School attendance is required by law in the state of Nebraska for children of 6 through 17 years of age.  The Omaha Public School district is responsible for upholding state statutes and is proactive in addressing attendance problems and truancy.  Regular attendance and participation in school are the foundation for engagement and, ultimately, successful graduation from high school.    

The responsibility for ensuring children's regular school attendance lies with parent(s)/guardian(s).  They are expected to communicate with the school when a child is unable to attend.   

The school will communicate with parents/guardians regarding absences.  If a pattern of non-attendance develops the school will attempt to assist parent(s) and the child through communication and intervention, if necessary.  If required, the intervention may involve teacher(s), school counselor, and building administrator.   If a school's attempts to improve a child's attendance are unsuccessful, a School Support Liaison (SSL) or school Designee will intervene.  The SSL/Designee will try to identify the cause(s) of the absences and address issues/concerns that may prevent attendance or cause the student to feel disengaged from school (truancy).  Depending on the nature of the concerns the SSL/Designee may refer students and families to community agencies/resources that are able to provide appropriate forms of assistance.  The SSL/Designee will also provide a warning that continued violation of mandatory attendance requirements may be reported to the county attorney.    

If the attempts to improve attendance by the SSL/Designee are unsuccessful, the SSL/Designee will submit a report of the violation of mandatory attendance statutes to the County Attorney, Juvenile Division.    

Community Partnership Description:

The Community Partnership Review Committee, Chaired by Pat Nedley, Nancy Bond, and Jerry Corner, exists to assist school staff in responding to the many requests that come from our community to partner or provide supports to our schools. The Committee will work to ensure equitable access to services, eliminate duplication of services, and enhance the capacity of school staff and organizations to collaborate effectively. The committee will review current partnerships, requests for future partnerships, and requests for expansion of current partnerships.



In Building Service Providers - Provide on-site services to students and may require in-kind district support, e.g. office space, telephones.

Community Based Service Providers - Provide community based services including resources and referrals to students.



Omaha Public Schools pays providers for services.


We ask that you do not schedule activities during these assessment windows:

Assessment       Grade                   Group                                   Testing Window

NWEA/MAP          07                           All Students                        August – TBD

Aspire                   10                           All Students                        November – TBD

NeSA-Writing        08, 11                    All Students                        January – TBD

ELPA21                 05-12                     All ESL Students               February – TBD

NeSA-Reading      08, 11                    All students                        March – TBD

NeSA-Math           08, 11                    All students                        March – TBD


NeSA-Science       08, 11                    All students                        March – TBD


Application Process:

To complete the application please click here.

  • Review Timeline
  • Acceptance/Denial


Please direct questions to Connie Klahn (402) 557-2132.

Many agencies exist for the benefit of our children and families. These links allow OPS to partner with agencies in the metropolitan area to provide services in circumstances where families may not have the resources to provide for themselves. OCSFE and School Personnel are aware of these resources for families. Contact your school if you, or someone you know, can benefit from a referral to a pantry, shelter, medical or mental health agencies, tutoring services, domestic abuse assistance, or crisis/support groups.



The Community Counseling Program is made possible by community gifts offered to the Methodist Hospital Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life by supporting excellence in health care and health care education provided by Methodist Health System. 

For more information about Methodist Hospital Foundation and its programs, call (402)354-4825.

The Community Resource Directory is provided as a service to the community by the Omaha Public Schools, and is NOT meant as a recommendation of services provided by the agencies or organizations listed.  The directory is not a comprehensive list of all community agencies and organizations in the metro-Omaha area, but is intended to serve as a starting point for quick referral.  Information including the listings is subject to change without notification.  For additional information regarding any of the organizations/agencies listed, contact the organization or agency directly or call 2-1-1 hosted by United Way of the Midlands.

Connections at Project Harmony
Connections is a program that helps children and families access quality counseling services. Connections was founded to identify and address barriers families face in accessing counseling services.

Connections works with school and health care professionals to identify children in Kindergarten through grade 8 and to offer skilled professional counseling so that children do better at home and school.  Connections focuses on children who are not receiving child welfare or juvenile justice services.  They match children with a variety of counselors in agency, school, and private practice settings.

OPS is working towards the implementation of this program in every elementary and middle school program, however it is not in them all yet.  The current schools that are working with Connections include:

Elementary-Belvedere, Catlin, Chandler View, Conestoga, Druid Hill, Dundee, Fontenelle, Franklin, Harrison, Hartman, Jackson, Kennedy, King, Lothrop, Masters, Minne Lusa, Monroe, Rose Hill, Saddlebrook, Spring Lake, Student Success Center, Sunny Slope, and Wakonda.

Middle Schools-Nathan Hale, Norris, and Marrs

For more information, see Project Harmony.  To make a referral speak to your school counselor or call 402-595-1059.

Boystown Hotline
If you need to speak to a counselor or need parenting advice, please call the Boys Town National Hotline®  at 1-800-448-3000 or ask one of the Parenting Experts at Boys Town..


Child (and Adult) Protective Services



11949 Q St., 68137

Douglas/Sarpy Counties

Investigation of reports of abuse and neglect of Children

Eastern Nebraska Community Action Partnership (ENCAP)
2406 Fowler Avenue
4920 S 30th Street, Ste 103

First Luthern Church
542 S 31st Street

Holy Family Door Ministry
1715 Izard Street

Lydia House
2809 N 20th Street, E

Project Hope
4205 Boyd Street

The Salvation Army
3612 Cuming Street

Together, Inc
812 S 24th Street

Douglas County Health Department WIC Program
111 S 41st Street

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
1215 S 42nd Street

Omaha Public Power District
444 S 16th Street

United Way of the Midlands
1805 Harney Street

Eastern Nebraska Community Action Partnership (ENCAP)
2406 Fowler Avenue
4920 S 30th Street, Ste 103

Heartland Family Service
1941 S 42nd Street, Ste 375


The Salvation Army


3612 Cuming Street

The purpose of GOALS is to improve school attendance and learning by offering assistance to youth and families in need.  This purpose will be accomplished by early assessment and prompt delivery of coordinated interventions that promote school attendance and eliminate at-risk behaviors.  Referrals may be made to the GOALS Center by parents, schools, NDHHS, law enforcement or state / community agencies.

The GOALS Center was created to assist student and Families in attending school and achieving academic success.  GOALS may be able to assist in the following areas;  talking to school staff, academic screening, transportation issues, developing attendance plans, phobias, family support, referrals to community agencies, tutoring, individual and family counseling, alcohol and drug dependency, family communication, and gang issues.

GOALS uses a multi-disciplinary, multi-agency team approach to identify, assess and deliver interventions and services to youth and families that promote school attendance.

Email the Goals Center and request a referral form.  A referral form will be emailed directly to you and can be completed online.  This process is established to immediately initiate action within GOALS.

McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act:

This Act is designed to assist families and children who are currently experiencing homelessness.  Please click the link below to learn more about the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.  The contact person for the Omaha Public Schools is John Bright at (402)557-2476.


The Omaha World Herald Goodfellows Charities, through their Board of Trustees designates an amount of money that the Project Help office uses to write vouchers for coats, clothing and shoes.

Project Help received its name in 1990 but the program dates back to the 1930’s. Then, as now, the program provided coats, clothing and shoes to needy Omaha Public Schools students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through ninth grade.

How Project Help Operates:
Applications are received from parents/guardians at the school where their child(ren) attend. Completion of this form is assisted with the help of designated personnel at the school. This is usually the school Nurse; however, teachers, counselors, and principals are also able to help in this process. Family Room Liaisons & School Support Liaisons will now also be able to recommend families for Project Help funds. Applications are processed on a first-come, first serve basis with priority given to new applicants who have a verified need.
 Families have 30 days from the date of issuance to redeem the voucher.

Special thanks to Gordmans our new Project Help vendor effective 2015.
Gordmans locations:
- 5808 N. 90th Street, Omaha 402-571-5555
-17202 Lakeside Hills Plaza, Omaha 402-334-9220
-10515 S. 15th Street, Bellevue 402-733-4600
- 7825 Towne Center Parkway, Papillion 402-331-4200

 - 14933 Evans Plaza, Omaha 402-506-9252

Contact the school nurse to complete the application process.

The Region 6 Professional Partner Program works in partnership with families to assist in finding ways to address the needs of their children within the home environment, utilize natural supports and community resources, and develop strength based strategies.  They also work with young adults who are transitioning to independent living.

Region 6 works with students towards common goals that are established through an individual planning process.

Together they will identify individuals, community resources, traditional mental health services and community-based supports that will benefit you and your family.  Region 6 will focus on building relationships, strength based strategies, and goals that are specific to the student’s needs.

For more information call our intake coordinator at 402-996-8377.

The School and Family Enrichment (SAFE) Program is a collaborative effort involving the Omaha Public Schools (OPS), Region 6 Behavioral Health Care, and Child Saving Institute.  The program goal is to provide, at no cost to the family and on a voluntary basis, a home-based family support specialist and mental health counseling, as needed.

The SAFE program serves the families of children in OPS from pre-kindergarten through middle school.  Children are referred to the program by school personnel based on the youth's behavior at school, attendance, and other individual challenges.  Parents can also approach school personnel and request referral to the program.

The family support specialist assists the family and the school in focusing on family strengths and setting individual goals.  The goals include improvement in the following areas:  home management and daily living skills, parenting skills, connection with community resources (housing, counseling, food pantries, etc.), communication between home and school, and social/emotional development of children.

Support services offered through the SAFE program are free of charge to the child and the family.  Therapy services are billed through the family's insurance or offered on a sliding fee scale. 

The SAFE program provides mentors who assist in developing socialization skills, coping skills, enhanced self-image, and responsible decision making.

For more information, please call Child Saving Institute at 402-553-6000, or the building administrator, SSL, Social Worker, or counselor at your child's school.

The teen pregnancy program provides school personnel and pregnant/parenting students with contact information for local agencies equipped to serve pregnant/parenting students.

For more information contact your high school social worker.

The Office of Community, School and Family Engagement would like to keep you up to date on district wide information and current events. 

If you wish to be added to our Contact List please click here.

The Board of Education believes school is an appropriate setting for all children and youth.  The Student Code of Conduct is designed to support this concept by developing, through reasonable and consistent practices, appropriate student behavior patterns.  Those behaviors and disciplinary actions set forth in the Code are designed to serve as learning experiences for students.  Compliance with the Student Code of Conduct is expected of all students.  This Student Code of Conduct applies to all students attending the Omaha public Schools.  School administrators will consider student age and grade level amongst other factors when assigning disciplinary actions.

Please review your child(ren)’s school handbook(s) to be familiar with stated behavioral expectations and the possible consequences of inappropriate behaviors.  High behavioral expectations also apply when students ride the bus, are on school grounds before and after school, and participate in extra-curricular activities.

16-17 Student Code of Conduct

Código de Conducta Estudiantil

The Due Process Hearing office is responsible for:

1. The coordination of student due process in the district

2. Counsel and advice for building staff and parents in preparation for hearings

3. Execution and conduction of the student due process hearings within the district

4. Preparation of Board Appeal packets

5. Preparation of reference materials used within the district for due process administration

6. Training and education of due process in-service

Due Process Hearing Request/Student Rights Brochure - English Version

Due Process Hearing Request/Student Rights Brochure - Spanish Version


To file a district complaint please call the Office of Community, School & Family Engagement at (402) 557-2701.

  • Formal complaint filed with the district.
  • When filing a complaint please communicate who it is against, situation, expectation/outcomes. 


A family room liaison serves as a resource for parents and community in schools.  The family room liaison provides activities, resources, classes, etc., for encouraging family and community engagement.


Family Room Liaisons support and advocate for families by enlisting family engagement in student academic success; by working with families in identifying and achieving academic goals; by accessing student and family support services; by developing training opportunities and promoting positive family school relationships. The Family Room Liaison creates authentic and diverse involvement opportunities for all families to contribute to their school and community. The FRLs are located at the following Title I schools below:

Miller Park
Druid Hill
King Science
Central Park

These schools have a family resource room which serves as the focal point for encouraging and enhancing family community involvement.

The School Support Liaison (SSL) will work collaboratively with the principal at a school site(s) to assist with managerial tasks such as student behavior management, student attendance compliance, student supervision, use of facility before/after school, and the supervision and evaluation of classified staff.   This individual may also assist with the tasks connected to instruction or student learning.  Every school in OPS has either a SSL or a Designee who plays the role of the SSL.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Generally, schools must have written permission from the parent or eligible student in order to release any information from a student's education record.  For more information and frequently asked questions about FERPA, see

Guardianship Guidelines
Child laws are put into effect by the state of Nebraska to ensure that children are being adequately cared for and that children are being raised in a way that is best for their well-being. The Omaha Public School District follows these laws by having in place Guardianship Guidelines for guidance on a variety of domestic issues that administrators may encounter regarding custody, paternity, stepparents, caseworkers, or other issues that arise.  These guidelines are in place so that schools are adequately following the legal expectation for any situation that may occur to ensure the safety and well-being of all students.  For specifics in regards to guardianship questions, contact your students school or the Administrator for the OCSFE.

OPS Child Abuse Reporting Policy is based on Nebraska State Law (28-711). Every person who is employed by Omaha Public Schools is considered a mandatory reporter.   In any situation that would cause a concern to the health or well-being of a child, that specific staff member is to contact CPS or Law Enforcement.  In addition to calling CPS, the employee needs to speak with their building principal or their immediate supervisor.  The building principal or immediate supervisor will contact the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources.  

When any physician, medical institution, nurse, school employee, social worker, or other person has reasonable cause to believe that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect or observes such child being subjected to conditions or circumstances which reasonably would result in abuse or neglect, he or she shall report such incident or cause a report to be made to the proper law enforcement agency or to the department on the toll-free number 1-800-652-1999.*

*Any person who willfully fails to make any report of child abuse or neglect required by section 28-711 shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor.  This is a maximum of three months’ imprisonment or five hundred dollars fine or both.

The Adopt-A-School (AAS) partnership program successfully joins the Omaha Public Schools with businesses and organizations in the Omaha community.  This program is designed to enhance the exchange of resources and expertise between schools and the private sector.  These lasting partnerships are mutually beneficial in providing enrichment to the community and to the schools. 

The Adopt A School Partnership Program initiated in 1983, encompasses hundreds of agencies, business, and organizations that work with schools in the Omaha Public School District. Each partnership is designed to be a mutually beneficial sharing of resources to enhance the education of students and the environment of the business partner.


Examples of Partnerships

  • Career Talks
  • Career Days/Career Fairs
  • Job Shadowing
  • Internships/Externship
  • Mentoring
  • Lunch/Reading Buddy
  • Project Based Learning
To become a partner please complete packet below

Adopt a school packet

The African American History Challenge is a national education reading program designed to enhance the study of African American history and culture among middle and high school students. The winning team of the senior division competes at the National Competition. Omaha Public Schools partners with 100 Black Men, Inc. to support the program. 


Review Sessions: All review session will be held at Monroe Middle School's library, 5105 Bedford Ave, from 10 A.M. - 12 P.M.


December 12, 2015

January 9, 2016

January 30, 2016

February 13, 2016


Mandatory Rehearsal: Friday, February 26, 2016 at North High School from 5-6 P.M.

EVENT DATE: Saturday, February 27, 2016 at North High Magnet School 4 P.M.


The Community Academic Achievement Awards are co-sponsored by the Community Academic Achievement Awards Committee and other community organizations. These organizations with assistance from Omaha Public Schools develop and coordinate special recognition programs for underrepresented students and parents. Examples of these programs are: 5A Awards, AWESOME Awards, HACE Awards, HOPE Awards, and Native Indian Centered Education Honors Ceremony.


• HACE: Sunday, February 5 @ 2:00 – TAC Cafeteria
• 5A: Sunday , February 26 @ 2:00 – TAC Cafeteria
• HOPE: Sunday, March 26 @ 2:00 – South H.S
• Native Indian Centered Education Honors Ceremony: Thursday, April 13 @ 5-7PM – TAC Cafeteria
• AAWESOME: Sunday, April 23 @ 2:00 --Benson HS


Members from the African American, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American communities are invited to dialogue with the Superintendent regarding community and school issues. The purpose of this meeting is to strengthen the connection between the Omaha Public Schools and the many citizens served by the School District. The Omaha Public Schools firmly believes in the importance of networking with community leaders. A reminder will be sent by mail prior to the event with an RSVP.


Community members throughout the city serve as an advisory and information-sharing council to the Superintendent. Meetings throughout the school year keep the community informed on key issues occurring in the District. A reminder will be sent by mail prior to each meeting with an RSVP.

Meetings are held quarterly at Lewis and Clark Middle school from 6:30-8:00 p.m. 

Meetings for the 2016-17 School year are scheduled on the following dates:

            October 10, 2017

            December 12, 2017

            February 13, 2018

            April 10, 2018

For questions please email

Click here for the District Citizens Advisory Committee Membership Forms

Description: Provide coats to underprivileged students from Lothrop, Gomez Heritage, Franklin, and Belvedere.

2014-16 school year, Koats 4 Kids initiated the program with 150 coats to students at Lothrop Magnet. 2015-16 school year it expanded to all students from Lothrop Magnet and Gomez Heritage. For the 2016-17 school year there will be an addition of two more schools for a total of four schools; Lothrop, Gomez Heritage, Franklin, and Belvedere. The goal is to provide up to 10, 000 coats for underprivileged students in OPS.


Who is the Partnership with?  The Douglas County Treasurer’s Office, Fitucate Nutrition and Training, Premier Combat Center, Complete Behavioral Health, Life Development International, and several local organizations team up to make the events possible.

Expansion for 2016-17 School year

1.       TBD November 2016 Lothrop Magnet/Franklin (

2.       TBD November 2016 Gomez Heritage

3.       TBD November 2016 Belvedere


                                                         Omaha Public Schools
                                                            Greeters Program

About the Program

The Greeters Program utilizes volunteers to welcome students in a friendly and respectful way as they arrive to school in the morning. The program is presently implemented in the following elementary schools: Conestoga, Druid Hill, Franklin, Kellom, Kennedy, King, Lothrop, Mt. View, Skinner, and Wakonda.

How does it Work? Volunteers greet students at designated schools as they arrive in the morning. Volunteers work with the school to determine the days of the week and where they would like you to position yourself to greet. Volunteers are asked to greet at least once a week.

Who Participates? Volunteers come from a multitude of businesses and community organizations from across the greater Omaha area. Individuals such as parents or interested volunteers are also welcome to greet.

How do I get Involved? Individuals or organizations who want to greet should contact one of the pilot schools. Speak to the principal or building coordinator for the program. Contact the Office of Community, School and Family Engagement at (531)299-0314, if no specific school is preferred.

Every potential greeter must complete the Omaha Public Schools Application for Volunteer Services. The application forms are available on the tab found on this page, or at the school in which you want to greet. Completed forms are turned into the school at which you wish to greet.

 Greeters Brochure

 Greeter Application Packet

 Reader Application Packet

Jerry Corner

Supervisor of OCSFE

Anne MacFarland

Supervisor of Student Placement

·         Student Enrollment

·         School Selection

·         Pre - Kindergarten (Pre-K) Selection

·         Transportation Eligibility

·         School Transfer Request Process

·         Alternative Placements

·         Learning Community Open Enrollment

·         Nebraska Option Program

·         International Exchange Program

Tyree Sejkora

OCSFE Office Administrator / District Hearing Officer

·        Serves as District Hearing Officer

    ·         Code of Conduct/Due Process/Behavior Guidelines

    ·         Communicate Nebraska Statues for Mandatory Attendance compliance

    ·         Manage County Attorney Referrals

    ·         Manage Referrals (GOALS, SAFE, Attendance Collaborative, etc.)

    ·         Manage collaborations with Juvenile Assessment Center, Crossover Youth Program, Juvenile Justice Provider Forum, 1184 teams, etc.

    ·         Community/Agency Partner Liaison

Crystal Boyd

OCSFE Engagement Specialist

·         Family & Community Engagement

·         Adopt-A-School Partnership Program

·         Family Room Liaisons

·         Referrals/Investigations/Complaints

·         Readers & Greeters

·         Community Academic Achievement Awards

·         African American History Challenge

·         District Citizen's Advisory Committee

·         Community Leadership Breakfast

Alina Lopez

OCSFE Bilingual Engagement Specialist

·         Family & Community Engagement

·         Family Room Liaisons

·         Referrals/Investigations/Complaints

·         Readers & Greeters

·         Community Academic Achievement Awards

·         District Citizen's Advisory Committee

·         Community Leadership Breakfast

Sue Brandt

Hearing Officer Administrative Assistant


Kitty Slezak

OCSFE Administrative Assistant

The Board of Education has adopted a new Student Assignment Plan for the 2017-18 school year.  To learn more, click here.

  • Enrollment of Students
  • Reassignment
  • Transportation Eligibility
  • Exempt (Home) School
  • Nebraska Option Enrollment
For more information on any of these topics, please click here.
Inquiries:  Do you have a question on a service provided by the Office of Community School and Family Engagement?  To enter an inquiry to the Department click here.
Event Registrations:  Is there an event the department is hosting and you need to register. Please click here.
Complaint:  For complaints please call the Office of Community School and Family Engagement at (402) 557 - 2700.