LB125 Map

The following document shows a comparison of the 2011 Subdistricts and the 2013 Subdistricts side by side,  which are a result of LB 125. Click here for a PDF version of 2011-2013 Subdistrict comparison.

Board of Education by Subdistrict

Subdistrict Board Member

1 Mr. Ricky Smith
2 Mr. Marque A. Snow
3 Mr. Ben Perlman
4 Dr. Shavonna Holman
5 Mrs. Lou Ann Goding
6 Mrs. Nancy Kratky
7 Ms. Amanda L. Ryan
8 Ms. Kimara Z. Snipe
9 Mrs. Tracy Casady

This map was updated on June 12, 2013 to reflect the 2013 subdistricts.  

Click here for a PDF Version of
2013 Subdistricts.

Subdistrict Map