In OPS, our art curriculum is based on carefully planned and sequenced learning goals. We often hear the comment that these goals are quite ambitious for young students. Indeed they are! The Omaha Public School District has invested resources and time in developing an award-winning curriculum and a staff of art specialists who are committed to helping every student achieve every goal. For students with special needs, we have worked with special education teachers to incorporate these goals into lessons that fit different developmental levels.

Here are some ways you can enrich your child's art experiences.

  • Take time to notice the beauty around you and talk about it with your child.
  • Visit art museums and galleries together as a family. (Admission is free at the Joslyn Art Museum.)
  • Ask your student to tell you about the art s/he brings home. Most importantly, let your child proudly describe what s/he has made. Then you might ask if s/he "met" a special artist, talked about landscape...
  • When you speak about art class, please refer to it in the same manner you would any other class; as an important part of the school curriculum.
  • Look over the grade level vocabulary words. When it seems natural, you might use some of them in conversation with your child. 

We're pleased to be able to share our program with you.  We are growing and changing, trying to bring the best of the world's art traditions to our students. We're excited about the challenge, and we thank you for your interest in art education in the Omaha Public Schools. This site features images from events and artwork from our students.  The Art Content Standards can also be accessed here.  The Omaha Public Schools is proud to have 110 certified art educators that teach in over 80 buildings For a complete listing of the art staff, click here

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Nebraska Art Region

The Omaha Public Schools Art Department is the Regional Affiliate for the state of Nebraska.  This is the ninth year of their re-affiliation with the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. OPS has hosted a statewide art competition for the last seventeen years. In 2019, we judged more than 3,800 works of art. All submissions for the Scholastic Art Awards of Nebraska must be submitted using the online registration system.  Registration opens September 12, 2019
All art entries will be submitted digitally via the website on or before December 26, 2019.