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Sarah Stratton

Teaching and Learning Consultant

Department of Music

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Holly Eberhardt, NBCT

Lead Teacher

Department of Music

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 Dave Fletcher

Musical Instrument Repair Technician

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Lindsay Corbin

Secretary, Department of Music

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Omaha Public Schools

Teacher Administrative Center

Department of Music

3215 Cuming Street

Omaha, Nebraska 68131




Elementary Music Information

The Omaha Public Schools will offer a program in music education structured to help students achieve the following purposes

1. Increase the student's aesthetic sensitivity and response through heightened awareness and understanding of the musical experience.

2. Develop musical skills and techniques which enable students to become life long participants and consumers of music. 

3. Promote a sense of appreciation for our musical heritage.

4. Develop respect for and an understanding of human values through the study of musical traditions of various cultures.

5. Employ strategies that promote common goals and values through individual and group participation.