Science in the Elementary Schools

Mission Statement

In the Omaha Public Schools, science is an interactive process consistent with the nature of science and reflective of scientific values.  Science education provides all students with the opportunity to become scientifically literate.  Using the knowledge and understanding of scientific inquiry, concepts and processes, students are able to make decisions and take action today and in the future.


Program Goals

The Omaha Public Schools will offer a program in science structured to help students achieve the following purposes.

  • Achieve high levels of scientific literacy.
  • Learn science in hands-on, minds-on science experience.
  • Recognize the contributions and achievements of diverse cultures and of women in the scientific world.
  • Develop a lifelong interest in science and science related issues that affect their daily lives.
  • Evaluate and select a career in science if it meets personal interests and abilities.

Develop the scientific background necessary for successful post-secondary education through studies in regular and advanced placement science courses.

Nebraska Science Standards

Science Scope and Sequence