Welcome to Elementary Social Studies

Purposes for Instruction in Social Studies

Grades K-5


The Omaha Public Schools offers a program of studies to help students achieve the following:


•      Demonstrate civic responsibility in a democratic society.


•      Respect individual and cultural diversity.


•      Understand the connections of the past, present, and future through the study of history.


•      Develop an awareness of global resources, interdependence, and conservation.


•      Demonstrate knowledge and skills needed for lifelong learning and informed decision-making.


•      Recognize the importance of the democratic ideals of the United States.


•      Understand the individual's role in family, school, community, state, nation, and world.


•      Develop knowledge and skills related to physical and cultural geography.


The elementary grades explore the Social Studies purposes from a developmentally appropriate perspective:


Kindergarten: Self

1 - grade: Family

2 - grade: Neighborhood

3 - grade: Community (Omaha)

grade: Nebraska

5 - grade: United States

grade: Ancient Civilizations to Medieval Europe