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Dual Language Programs

Dual Language Program/El Programa de Dos Idiomas

Click here for the OPS Dual Language Video by NE Loves Public Schools.

Haz clic aquí para el video del Programa de Dos Idiomas hecho por NE Loves Public Schools.

The Dual Language program provides the following:

  • Students in the program are taught in two languages: English and Spanish
  • Students will be able to speak, understand, read and write in English and Spanish. Students are in a regular integrated class

El Programa de Dos Idiomas provee lo siguiente:

  • A los estudiantes en el programa se les enseña en dos idiomas; inglés y español.
  • Los estudiantes podrán hablar, entender, leer, y escribir en inglés y español.
  • Los estudiantes participan en un salón de clase regular.

What are the advantages of the Dual Language Program?

  • Students would be bilingual and have a marketable skill.
  • Research shows that students that are bilingual do better in school.
  • Students would not have to wait until 7th grade to learn another language.

¿Cuáles son las ventajas del Programa de Dos Idiomas?

  • Los estudiantes serán bilingües y tendrán una habilidad comerciable.
  • Las investigaciones muestran que los estudiantes bilingües tienen más éxito en la escuela.
  • Los estudiantes no tendrían que esperar hasta el 7mo grado para aprender otro idioma.




Eight Dual Language Programs in the Omaha Public Schools have been recognized by the Ministry of Education of Spain as having a high quality Spanish education. These schools are eight of the 92 schools in North America to receive this prestigious honor.

Los Programas de Dos Idiomas de ocho escuelas de Las Escuelas Públicas de Omaha fueron reconocidos por el Ministerio de educación de España por ofrecer una educación de alta calidad de español. Estas escuelas son ocho de las 92 escuelas en norte américa que recibieron este honor prestigioso.

This is an exposition brought to us from el museo del Prado en Madrid. Teachers are taking this experience and using it as a teachable moment for students.


In these photos, students are looking for contrast in the art colors and look for conflicts that were easily spotted, like death or sadness. They then had to write about the conflict and why they perceived it as conflict in a PowerPoint with a photo of the painting they chose.


 High School Program

Students in the Dual Language Program are required to take four years of Spanish or complete AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Literature. Additionally, students are required to earn a minimum of 12 credits in Dual Language courses. South High Magnet School offers a Dual Language option in the following courses: Los estudiantes del Programa de Dos Idiomas tienen que tomar cuatro años de español o completar AP Lenguaje de español y AP Literatura española. También, los estudiantes tienen que ganar un mínimo de 12 creditos de cursos de Dos Idiomas. El Programa de Dos Idiomas de South High Magnet ofrece los siguientes cursos:
FACTS, Geography, Honors Geography, American History, Honors American History, Mexican-American History, Economics and Finance, Honors Economics and Finance, AP Government and Politics, Physical Science, Biology, Honors Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Physics, Honors Physics, Algebra 1-2, Geometry, Honors Geometry, Algebra 3-4, Honors Algebra 3-4,  Honors Pre-Calc/Trig, AP Calculus, and Honors Latin American Studies.


Students who are participating in the Dual Language Programs at the middle schools are strongly encouraged to continue their bilingual studies at South High Magnet. Additional seats are available to students not currently enrolled in the program. Please contact amry Espinosat at (402) 557-3640 for more information. Se anima a los estudiantes quienes participan en los Programas de Dos Idiomas de las secundarias (middle schools) seguir sus estudios bilingües a la South High Magnet. Plazas adicionales están disponibles para estudiantes que ya no participan en el programa. Favor de contactar a Mary Espinosa a (402) 557-3640 para más información.


 If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Maria Perez-Mozaz at (531-299-7442).
Si tiene preguntas acerca del programa, favor de contactar a Maria Perez-Mozaz 
a (531-299-7442).

To apply for the Dual Language, please download the Application Form and send it to the school you apply for. Para solicitar entrar en el programa de Doble Idioma, por favor bájese la solicitud y mándela a la escuela a la que quiere solicitar.
Kindergarten enrollment overview: 

Families interested in dual language should attend the online kindergarten roundup for the schools in which they are interested. Applications are online and in paper at the school.  The paperwork can also be completed at the OPS Teacher Administration Building in the Student Placement office.  Information about the online kindergarten roundup is available on the district website at in December.  

Enrollment Procedures for Castelar, Gomez, Liberty, and Spring Lake Elementary Schools:

If the student resides in the home attendance area, the family must enroll the child in the school and submit a dual language application prior to the end of April. Families who do not reside in the attendance area of their desired school must enroll their child in OPS, complete a dual language application, and submit a school selection form prior to the end of January. If the child is selected for the school, they will enter the dual language lottery. The dual language lotteries for all students at these schools are held in early May. Only students who are enrolled in the school at the time of the lottery are eligible for that school’s dual language lottery. Lottery results will be mailed to families once the lotteries are complete. Please note: Castelar, Gomez, Liberty, and Spring Lake are currently over capacity and it is unlikely that a non-home attendance area student will be accepted to enroll in the school.

Enrollment Procedures for Jackson Elementary:

If the family resides in Jackson’s home attendance area, they can enroll at any time. Jackson is an all dual language school, so the student will automatically be placed in the dual language program. If the family does not want dual language for their student, the family can work with the Student Placement Office to determine an alternative school. If the family does not reside in Jackson’s home attendance area, the family must enroll the child in OPS and complete a school selection form prior to the end of January. Lottery results will be mailed to the families once the school selection process is complete. If the child is selected to attend Jackson, he/she will automatically enter the program. 


Enrollment Procedures for Crestridge Magnet 

All families interested in dual language at Crestridge must complete the enrollment process and a dual language application prior to the end of January. Lottery results will be mailed to the families once school selection is complete.

Elementary Dual Language Enrollment Timeline


Kindergarten Roundup schedule available on


Families attend kindergarten roundup

Enroll student in OPS

Complete dual language application and/or school selection form

Applications for Jackson and Crestridge are due


Lottery results for Jackson and Crestridge are mailed home

February - April

Enroll students in home attendance area schools

Submit dual language application with enrollment paperwork

Dual language applications for Castelar, Gomez, Liberty, and Spring Lake are due the last Friday in April


Lottery results for Castelar, Gomez, Liberty, and Spring Lake are mailed home

Dual Language Schools and Implementation Schedule

School YearCrestridgeSpring LakeGomezCastelarJacksonLibertyMarrsBeveridgeNorris
2020-2021K - 5thK - 4thK - 4thK - 5thK - 6thK - 6th5th - 8th7th - 8th6th - 8th