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Services Elementary Level

Gifted and Talented Curriculum
Our highly professional staff uses a variety of techniques, strategies, and activities to heighten our gifted and talented students' ability to think – to reason. We use Bloom’s Taxonomy, Sternberg’s Creative, Analytical and Practical Theory of Reasoning, and Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences to guide instruction in gifted and talented education.

Each strand of the framework is not taught in isolation. We recognize the complexity of the thinking processes. We also believe that when students make personal connections with the curriculum, their learning becomes authentic/real.

Our curriculum framework is designed to develop the intellect, and intra and interpersonal social/emotional development. Through curricular experiences, it is our hope that students learn the value of becoming life long learners and citizens of character.

Unique high level curricular extensions heighten the High Ability Learners' understanding of problem solving processes.

Students are taught an established structure of research. From kindergarten through grade six, students develop their ability to apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate knowledge acquired through research.

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Social/Emotional Development
Beyond the scope of lessons taught in the classroom by the school counselors, facilitators inquire, discuss and verify the sensitive feelings of gifted and talented students.

  Habits of Mind
"Habits" are traits successful people demonstrate and continually develop. The “Habits” are an important part of our curriculum framework. Facilitators infuse these sixteen life skills in the curriculum so as to better equip students in their journey to become successful citizens.

What Are Habits of Mind?

Finding humor

Managing Impulsivity

Creating Imagining
and innovating

Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision

Thinking interdependently

Listening with Empathy and Understanding

Gathering data through senses

Taking responsible risks

Applying past knowledge to new situations

Questioning and Posing Problems

Remaining open to continuous learning

Striving for Accuracy Thinking Flexibly

Responding with wonderment and awe

Thinking about Thinking (Metacognition)





The Gifted and Talented Program is based upon the following curricular framework

Depth Icons

Details Language of the Discipline Big Idea Ethics
 Patterns  Rules  Trends  Unanswered Questions
Complexity Icons
 Changes Over Time  Different Perspectives  Across the Disciplines  




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 Fifth Grade  Sixth Grade