The Omaha Public Schools’ Libraries empower students to become future ready citizens who appreciate reading and engaging with information in all formats. Through
rigorous and relevant learning experiences, students work individually and collaboratively to inquire, think critically, and create new understandings.


The Omaha Public Schools’ Libraries are central to the learning process and directly tied to the K-12 curriculum. Certified school librarians lead the way in literacy, technology, and the use of information in all formats to ensure that students are effective and responsible users of information and ideas.

The school librarian:

·         Provides instruction which results in achievement of content standards in both information literacy and the classroom curriculum.

·         Collaborates and exchanges ideas with teachers to facilitate teaching and learning.

·         Supports classroom reading instruction and reading for personal and academic success.

·         Provides equitable and timely access to organized and diverse collections of resources that support the curriculum and encourage staff and students to pursue personal interests.

·         Provides a facility conducive to learning with access to resources that enhance learning for students and staff.

·         Supports teachers in their effective use of print and digital resources in the classroom and the school library.

·         Develops partnerships with parents and community to foster a community of learners.

·         Facilitates professional dialogue to support continuous improvement of instructional practice. 

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