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Echohawk Lefthand

Native Indian Centered Education Program Director
Omaha Public Schools
P: 531-299-9295
C: 970-570-5971


How do I get enrolled into the NICE program?

To enroll in NICE program students must fill out 506 Indian Ed Form. 

Student, parent, or grandparent must be enrolled in a federally recognized Nation to be eligible to apply. See form below:

OPS NICE 506 Form.pdf

How does the NICE program benefit students?

NICE programs provides services to all students in OPS district:

  • Liaison between parents and schools (IEP, SAT, attendance, etc.)
  • Liaison between students and schools (IEP, SAT, attendance, etc.)
  • College preparation (FAFSA, scholarship, College app)
  • Advocacy for student  and families
  • Cultural presentations and awareness
  • School supplies
  • Resource referrals for family support
  • Field Trips (college, cultural, career, etc.)
  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Community events



How can I help with the NICE program?

The NICE program has a parent advisory council which meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at the TAC building (3215 Cuming st. Omaha, NE.) 

Contact Echohawk Lefthand for other ways to get involved - | 531-299-9295

Native Indigenous Centered Education


We believe educational success and life achievement for our Indigenous population is accomplished by advocacy, sustained cultural identity, family involvement, strong communication and positive life experiences.





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