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Kara Saldierna
Director of Special Education

Office: (531) 299-9461

Fax: (531) 299-0386

If you have concerns regarding the

development of your child who is

between the ages of birth to 5 years old,

please call the Early Childhood Referral Line

at 531-299-0242 to discuss your concerns.

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Special Education Division

Staff Directory


Director of Special Education

Kara Saldierna

(531) 299-9461

Special Education Coordinators

Christine Young

Special Education Coordinator

(531) 299-9464

Amber Wicherski

Special Education Coordinator

Program contact for School Psychologists

(531) 299-9465

Alternate Curriculum Program (ACP)

Robin Quinn

ACP Supervisor, Elementary ACP

 (531) 299-9483

Abbie Schmidt

ACP Supervisor, Secondary ACP

Phone:  531-299-9496

Early Childhood Special Education (3-5 year olds)

Felicia Tweedy

ECSE Supervisor, Supports classrooms North of Blondo

(531) 299-9519


Carrie Baden

ECSE Lead Teacher, Supports classrooms South of Blondo

(531) 299-9698

Early Development Network (B-3 year olds)

Connie Coltrane

EDN Supervisor

(531) 299-9569

Lori Chatfield

EDN Lead Teacher

(531) 299-9549


Integrated Learning Program (ILP)

Sandy Bender

ILP Program Director


JP Lord School, Occupation Therapy, Physical Therapy

Laura Mac-Holmes

JP Lord Principal, OT/PT Supervisor

(402) 554-6771

Resource Program (Elementary & Secondary)

Valerie Carritt

Resource Supervisor, Vision Impaired Program Supervisor, Assistive Technology Supervisor

Phone:  531-299-9491


Liz McGuire

Resource Supervisor,  Non-Public Schools Supervisor

Phone:  531-299-9492


Michelle Gaither

Resource Supervisor

Phone:  531-299-9493

Adia Brightman

Resource Supervisor 

Phone:  531-299-9487

Chris Pereira

Resource Supervisor 

Phone:  531-299-9520

Alissa Jangulo

Resource Supervisor

Phone:  531-299-9488


Kara Boyer

Resource Supervisor 

Phone:  531-299-9489

Melissa Prante

Resource Supervisor, Hearing Impaired Program Supervisor

Phone:  531-299-9486


Kylee Starmer-Wilson

Resource Supervisor

(531) 299-9497

Social Work Program

Stephanie Hoesing




Speech-Language Program & Homebound

Lori Skrobecki


(531) 299-9485


Transition & Work-Based Learning

Shana Frodyma

Transition & Work-Based Learning Supervisor

(531) 299-9490