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Reading and Writing

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 Many buildings are currently piloting and purchasing innovative reading support programs with their Title I monies. These programs target the students in greatest need of reading and writing academic intervention.

In addition, many schools continue to purchase supplementary curricular materials that are offered to all students as part of supporting the core instruction. 

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•Have you ever had to read a book, possibly for a class or job requirement, that was so difficult it was almost painful? Would you choose that book to read for entertainment? Probably not! When we read for pleasure, we choose books that we can read easily and enjoy. The same goes for our children.

•When reading independently, make sure your child chooses books on his or her reading level. A book should not be so difficult that your child struggles with a major portion of the words or concepts. Ask him or her to read a small portion of the book to you and check for understanding.

•If your child is interested in a more difficult book, read it to him or her. Your child will get to experience the book and you will be spending quality time with your child. Reading together makes for wonderful family memories.

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