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Jaimie Cogua

Coordinator of ESL, Migrant and Refugee Education

(531) 299-9405



ESL Secretary, Claudia Zauha
P: (531) 299-0259
F: (531) 299-0369

Yates Community Center

 Yates Community Center  

3260 Davenport Street

Omaha, NE 68131 

The Yates Community Center mission is to teach refugees, immigrants, and other community members skills that will help them be successful in the Omaha Community.   

Yates Community Centers offers: 

  • ESL Classes: Conversational English and Citizenship Class 
  • Sewing Classes: Students learn to make bags, mittens, hats and more! 
  • Computer Lab: Learn English and computer skill at the same time.
  • Sewing Lab: Bring your own materials and use the machines! 
  • Early Childhood Center: Four Early Childhood classes are offered to assist children in school readiness.   


 Yates Lead Teacher Veronica Hill (402) 898-9145  

Please see ESL Documents for more information regarding The Yates Community Center

Yates Offers English and a Sense of Community