Early Childhood Education

Why Omaha Public Schools Early Childhood Education?
The Omaha Public Schools believes in an inclusive approach to learning. All children are assisted in reaching their highest potential by actively engaging in authentic learning experiences in a school environment. There are various program models that currently serve nearly 2,400 children in 130 classrooms. Our inclusive services are provided through several programs, but all operate under the Omaha Public Schools “Umbrella of Early Childhood Education”.

Mission of Early Childhood Education
The Omaha Public Schools Early Childhood Program prepares young children for success in school and life by providing:
· Quality learning experiences in inclusive environments
· Support in developing social/emotional and academic skills
· Opportunities to empower families in the education of their young children

Our Philosophy of Early Childhood Education
The Early Childhood program in the Omaha Public Schools is based on the belief that every child is diverse and uniquely gifted with the capacity to learn. The OPS program capitalizes on the natural curiosity of children by designing meaningful learning experiences to promote language, literacy, cognitive, physical and social/emotional development, in a safe and secure environment. Instruction is designed to accommodate a broad range of children’s individual needs, learning styles, experiences and interests. Classroom learning will include independent learning, small and large group learning and experiential learning. The purpose of the Omaha Public Schools Early Childhood program is to provide educational opportunities, which enable all students to achieve their potential and develop a love of learning.


Early Childhood Application Days Schedule
Our Early Childhood Program offers a wide range of quality Early Childhood Programs. If you have a child who will be three or four years old on or before July 31, 2018, we invite you to apply for our Early Childhood Program for the 2018-2019 school year. Application days begin in February and continue through March.  We encourage you to attend your neighborhood school's scheduled date, however if that date does not work for your family you are welcome to attend any of the scheduled dates.  You will need to bring your child for screening, the child’s original birth certificate, the child’s immunization record, proof of address and proof of 2017 family income. Haga clic aquí para español.

For Enrollment Information Please Contact our Main Office:

Teacher Administrative Center (TAC)

3215 Cuming Street Omaha, NE 68131, Rm 3-136
Phone: 531-299-0303
Fax: 531-299-0398
When you visit TAC: Take the elevator to the 3rd Floor, Room 3-136

Head Start

Julie Hoogestraat

Title:  Early Childhood Supervisor
Phone:  (531) 299-9694

Michelle Jareske

Title:  Early Childhood Supervisor
Phone:  (531) 299-9693

Cindy Rasmussen

Title:  Head Start Supervisor
Phone:  (531) 299-9683

Barbara Burton

Title:  Lead Data Technician
Phone:  (531) 299-9685

Dairen Estrada

Title:  Receptionist
Phone:  (531) 299-9687

Darcy Linn

Title:  Head Start Lead Teacher
Phone:  (531) 299- 9692

Robin Jefferson

Title:  Secretary
Phone:  (531) 299-9688

Ruth Ryberg

Title:  Family & Community Engagement Manager
Phone:  (531) 299-9690

Felicia Tweedy

Title:  Early Childhood Special Education Supervisor
Phone:  (531) 299-9519

Carrie Baden

Title:  Early Childhood Special Education Lead Teacher
Phone:  (531) 299-9698

Jason Woods

Title:  Special Education Data Technician
Phone:  (531) 299-9527







May 7, 2018 - The Early Childhood Program is no longer accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year due to the large number of applications received. Given the limited slots and large number of applications, our application window was from February through April and has closed for the 2018-2019 year. Our program is grant funded and required by law to follow specific guidelines on the application and selection process of students. All complete applications taken during application days will be processed for consideration for the Early Childhood Program. We select children for our program based on various student needs and classroom availability. In early June, families who complete an application will receive a letter that indicates if their child was selected for enrollment or if their child will be placed onto our wait list. Thank you for your patience.


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