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Douglas County Head Start
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Head Start Services

Our certified Head Start teachers engage children in classroom activities to promote excitement about learning. The Creative Curriculum emphasis is focused on attaining appropriate child outcomes in language development, literacy, and socialization. Head Start helps children explore their feelings, to develop self-confidence and the skills needed to interact with others, while encouraging them to share. Head Start embraces the cultural diversity of children and encourages them to celebrate their differences. Basic educational concepts of letters and numbers are introduced, to ensure school readiness.

School Readiness is...

* Children school for school
* Families ready to support their children's learning
* Schools are ready for children

Ready children are healthy, rested, and able to pay attention, follow directions and communicate their thoughts and needs without being disruptive. Children enter kindergarten with a wide variety of skills and knowledge. There is not just one thing, nor a list of skills, that makes a child ready for school. All areas of a child's development should be considered when determining if a child is ready, not just her/his academic skills. Ready children have families who support their learning, and schools that are prepared to meet their individual needs.

This service area ensures that 10 % of funded enrollment opportunities are available to children with disabilities. Children are screened each year, within 45 days of enrollment, for any potential problems with hearing, speech, motor and developmental skills. Individualized help is available as needed, when problems are identified and there is never a fee to families for services provided. Children identified with special needs are expected to participate in the full range of Head Start curriculum activities.

The Lead Teacher/Education Specialist collaborates with the Omaha Public Schools Early Childhood Special Education Supervisor and Lead Teacher to manage services for children with disabilities and participate in the program decision making process and referrals.

Assists parents and staff in providing developmental support for all children enrolled in Head Start/EHS. Mental health staff are available to provide developmental support and resources, to help staff and parents in the areas of discipline, behavior management, self-esteem, assertiveness, coping with stress, depression and parenting skills. Other available services include developmental screenings for all children within 45 days of enrollment, classroom observations and consultations to identify and address behavior concerns, speech therapy for children certified with speech & language delays, parent training and support regarding children’s social & emotional development.

School district guidance counselors provide mental health lessons on a regular basis in the classroom. Our program partners with the KidSquad program to support additional needs for social emotional growth for children and the decrease challenging behaviors in the classroom.