20th Annual ESL Fall Conference

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English Learners Information

Mission and Philosophy

The English Learners program responds to the needs of English language learners in an effort to provide optimal educational opportunities.

· English Learner teachers design lessons to foster students' ability to read, write, speak, and understand academic English.

· Students learn English language while learning academic content through sheltered instruction practices such as scaffolding and interaction.

· The English Learner program promotes a culturally responsive learning environment where students' first language and cultural identity are nurtured.

District English Language Learner/Refugee Report 2015-16 present to BOE-       highlight and click for pdf file

7,800 current English Language Learners participate in the English Learner program in grades K-12.

English Learner services have been provided to over 15, 000 of the K-12 student population.

The English Learner program in OPS has grown more than 380% over the last 18 years. There was an 11.3% increase in students served from 2012-13 to 2013-14. This increase is due to the implementation of NDE's Rule 15, an influx of refugee students, and growth of the incoming kindergarten class.

There are approximately 20,000 students in the district who speak more than 120 different languages other than English in the home.

There are over 2,400 refugee students in OPS coming from 12 different countries. The number of refugees is up 84% over the last five years with the largest growth coming from Southeast Asian countries.

Omaha Public Schools uses the NDE's guidelines for identifying English Language learners for participation in the English Learner program. All new K-12 families enrolling in an OPS school will complete a Home Language Survey to identify students who speak another language other than English. Students who have been identified with another language will be given the Pre-Language Assessment Scales (Kindergartners and first semester 1st graders) or the Language Assessment Scales (students in grades 1-12) to evaluate their knowledge of the English language. Students qualify based on their demonstrated language proficiency on the assessment. After testing is completed the parent or guardian is notified of the results and a parent consent form is provided. After consent to participate in the English Learner program you will be assigned to a English Learner staff member(s) will create a support plan based on the students' needs.