Dr. Beth Maloney

Teaching and Learning Consultant
Gifted and Talented Education - GATE 

Office: 531-299-8552

Email:  Elizabeth.maloney@ops.org

Secretary: 531-299-9400

 Gifted and Talented Education    

The staff of Gifted and Talented Education strives to identify gifted and exceptionally talented students within the Omaha Public Schools, nurture their social/emotional development and enhance  their curriculum experiences so these unique individuals may reach their fullest potential.


We believe our students...

*are found in the areas of intellectual ability, academics, creativity, visual/performing arts and leadership

*are found in all cultures.

*include students with learning disabilities, (or twice-exceptional, 2E).


Gifted and Talented students have a right to:

...learn something new every day.

...not be gifted in everything

...feel proud of their accomplishments.

...be passionate about their talents.

...be educated about their abilities and talents.

...interact with like ability peers.

...be stimulated with rigorous and challenging instruction.


    To be identified for GATE services a student must meet at least 3 of the 4 criteria listed below:


    COGNITIVE – Top 5% at the school or national level on an intelligence/cognitive test

    ACHIEVEMENT – Top 5% at the school, state or national level on a grade-level standardized or norm-referenced achievement test

    MOTIVATION/PERFORMANCE – “A” or Advanced (ADV) in 60% or more courses on the most recent semester grade report OR Qualifying recommendation/involvement for Motivation as recorded on the Classroom Teacher Input Form OR Parent/Guardian/Student/Staff Referral

    CREATIVITY/LEADERSHIP – Qualifying recommendation/involvement for Creativity or Leadership as recorded on the Classroom Teacher Input Form OR Parent/Student/Staff Referral

    If you wish to refer a student for identification for Gifted and Talented Education services please complete a PGSS Referral which is located in the downloadable forms tab. Return the completed form via email or school mail to your GATE facilitator. Please note that a completed referral does not automatically meet one or all of the criteria for identification. Each student referral will be considered and have an eligibility worksheet started so that all available criteria can be reviewed. Newly identified students will be added to specialized instruction groups at the beginning of each quarter.

    Thank you for your assistance as our department carefully works to implement equitable identification processes and procedures that will permanently identify high performing students for GATE services within the Omaha Public Schools, nurture their social/emotional development and enhance their curriculum experiences so these unique individuals may reach their fullest potential.


    PGSS Inquiry Form
    PGSS Recommendation - Referral


    PGSS Recommendation - Motivation
    Spanish PGSS Recommendation - Motivation
    Leadership PGSS Recommendation - Leadership
    Spanish PGSS Recommendation - Leadership
    Creativity PGSS Recommendation - Creativity
    Spanish PGSS Recommendation - Creativity 

    Parent Friendly Resources (General)
    OEDb (Open Education Database)  Essential links for parents of gifted children

    SIG (Summer Institute for the Gifted) Gifted educational resources for families, educators, and students




    Talented Development Organizations
    Belin-Blank Center International Center for Gifted Education and talent development

    David Institute for Talent Development Their mission is to recognize, nurture and support profoundly intelligent young people ages 18 and under, and to provide opportunities for them to develop their talents to make a positive difference.

    Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development

    Duke Tip helps gifted students discover their abilities, explore new academic challenges, and celebrate their accomplishments


    National Associations
    National Association for Gifted Children Their mission is to support those who enhance the growth and development of gifted and talented children through education, advocacy, community building and research

    SENG Supporting the emotional needs of the gifted individuals


    State Associations
    NAG Nebraska Association for the Gifted

    ITAG Iowa Talented and Gifted Association

    WATG Wisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted

    CAGT Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented


    State Departments
    Nebraska Government HAL  High ability latest news and and regulations governing high-ability learners

    Iowa Department of Education Information for those who have an interest in gifted and talented education in the state of Iowa


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