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What Should I Know About Acceleration?


What Should I Know About


Acceleration is an educational intervention that moves students through an educational process at a faster than usual rate or younger than typical age. Acceleration means matching the level, complexity, and pace of the curriculum with the readiness level of the student.
Acceleration is the movement of a student, by pace or place, which matches learning opportunities with the student’s needs and strengths.

Types of acceleration:
1.  Early admission to kindergarten 
10.  Mentoring
2.  Early admission to first grade 11.  Extracurricular activities
3.  Grade skipping 12.  Correspondence courses
4.  Continuous progress 13.   Early graduation
5.  Self-paced instruction 14.   Concurrent/dual enrollment
6.  Subject matter acceleration 15.   Advanced Placement
7.  Combined classes 16.   Credit by examination
8.  Curriculum compacting

17.   Acceleration in college

9  Telescoping curriculum 18.   Early entrance into middle school, high school or college

A Nation Deceived
The topic of education and how it pertains to high ability students is widely discussed throughout our country. This discussion often times leads to the question, "What can we do to meet the educational needs of the high ability learner?". Acceleration more than likely will be one response that may spur on very pointed discussions. To gain perspective into the concept of acceleration, please take the time to read, A Nation Deceived : How Schools Hold Back America's Brightest Students.

Click on the following link, then click on the book cover to discover more information about acceleration.