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Academic Coaches Program

Welcome to the Omaha Public Schools Academic Coaches Program for Students

To enhance the academic achievement opportunities for OPS students who participate in athletics, the Omaha Public Schools (OPS) Curriculum and Learning Department with the assistance of a generous donor have partnered together.

·        To enhance the academic achievement opportunities for OPS ninth grade students who participate in athletics.
·        Help incoming freshman with the transition from middle school to high school. 
·        Emphasizes assisting 9th grade student-athletes, but is open to student-athletes at all grade levels who are interested.
Overarching Goal
To establish a program that enhances communication among the student-athlete, classroom teachers, academic coaches, athletic coaches, and the parent/guardian that will promote success by the student-athletes in the classroom first and in the athletic arena.



· Student-athletes in each of the seven OPS high schools will be assigned to academic coaches who will conduct after school tutoring sessions for a minimum of one hour per week during the student-athlete’s sports season.
· It is highly recommended that student-athletes continue to attend tutoring sessions throughout the school year.
· The Athletic Director and Academic Coaching Program lead teachers of each high school will select the academic coaches for each high school program.
· Ninth grade student-athletes will then be assigned to specific academic coaches.


Benson:   Jennifer Wittry
Bryan:    Lisa Cook-Piccolo
Burke:    Monica Dixon
Central:   Danielle Brandt
North:   Bryson J. Wiser
Northwest:   Ryan Carlson
South:   Christine Kuhlman

After School Academic Sessions for Student-Athletes
Academic and athletic coaches will have an initial meeting with student-athletes and review rules and responsibilities that will help ensure the student-athlete’s academic success.
The academic coaches will provide assistance to student-athletes in all of the following areas:
·         study skills
·         organizational and time management skills
·         test-taking, ACT and note-taking strategies
·         provide small group tutoring sessions
·         monitor academic progress
·         post high school opportunities and challenges
·         help students achieve academic success during their experiences in high school
·         assist them as they prepare for their post high school educational and athletic careers.
·         explain college/university academic requirements

·         review rules and regulations of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)


If you have any questions or comments about the Academic Coaches Program, please feel free to contact Bob Danenhauer (Director of P.E. and Athletes) or the Athletic Director at any of the seven OPS high schools.

Bob Danenhauer (Director of P.E. and Athletics)

Benson: Francis Szynskie
Bryan: Chris Loofe
Burke: Kyle Rohrig
Central: Darin Williams
North: Jim Savio
Northwest: Stephen Eubanks
South: Roni Huerta

Let’s make it a great year for OPS student-athletes!