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Parent Information

  1. Respect the rules of the school, teachers, coaches and administrators.
  2. Respect and follow all school rules.
  3. Follow all training rules, Omaha Public Schools eligibility requirements, and NSAA eligibility rules or eligibility.  Students are responsible for maintaining their own eligibility.
  4. Will perform at personal best ability level in the classroom and understand the primary importance of education.  Students will think of themselves as students first and participants second.
  5. Support all school activities to the best of your ability.
  6. Promote good sportsmanship and character.
  7. Responsible for modeling respectful behavior and assist their teammates to do the same. Participants will: refrain from disrespectful conduct, including verbal abuse of opponents and officials, profane or belligerent “trash talking”, taunting, and inappropriate celebrations.
  8. Exemplify good behavior, appearance, and conduct at all times. Respect others and their property. Theft and destruction of any school’s property and/or any individual’s equipment or property will not be tolerated.
  9. Follow the expectations to dress neatly on all trips, follow trip guidelines established by the coach/sponsor, and to ride the transportation provided by the school to and from the site of the event unless prior arrangements have been made and approved by site administration and all appropriate forms are signed and returned to the school.
  10. Honor the traditions of the sport.
  11. Abide by and respect the decisions of event officials.
  12. Attend all classes the day of any contests or activities.
  13. Condition properly so that you can safely and adequately meet the physical demands of the activity.
  14. Prior to participating in any tryouts, practices or games, or receiving any equipment or awards participants must have all eligibility paperwork on file at the site Activities Office.
  15. Acknowledge that substance abuse in any form while participating in high school activities may result in forfeiture of eligibility.
  16. Responsible for returning all equipment and uniforms issued to the participant after the completion of any activity or after dropping out of that activity.  Students shall pay for all items not returned.
  17. Follow all district and school transportation guidelines.
  18. Expectations for Middle School student athletes can be found in the Omaha Public Schools middle level activities contract.


Family interest in athletics / activities is an important component in the school program.  Omaha Public Schools believe that participation in athletics and activities provide a wealth of opportunities and experiences which assist students in personal adjustments.   

The Omaha Public Schools are concerned with the educational development of boys and girls through athletics / activities and feel that properly controlled, well organized programs can meet student needs for self expression, social, mental, physical growth.  The intent is to conduct programs that are educationally sound in purpose and will enhance each student’s personal growth.   

A student who elects to participate in athletics / activities is voluntarily making a choice involving self discipline.  The Omaha Public Schools is striving for excellence in all of our athletic and activity programs.  The Omaha Public Schools are committed to certain responsibilities and obligations which include:

                                    • To provide adequate equipment and facility

                                    • To provide well trained coaches and sponsors

                                    • To provide equitable and fair contests with skilled officials

The success of athletic/activity programs depends on positive parental support, care, and encouragement for participants, teams, coaches, and the school. 

  1. Provide positive support, care, and encouragement to your child and his/her team, coaches, and school.
  2. Provide positive support and encouragement to the visiting team, their coaches, and school.
  3. Maintain positive behavior and attitude at all athletic contests.
  4. Respect the position and professionalism of the game official.
  5. Refrain from the use of foul or inappropriate language.
  6. Refrain from yelling criticism at your child and his/her coaches or team during athletic events.
  7. Refrain from interfering with the coach.
  8. Allow the coach to be responsible for your child during practices, games, and team related activities.
  9. Refrain from making derogatory comments to players, other parents, game officials, or school administrators during athletic events.
  10. Follow all District guidelines and regulations dealing with transportation to athletic activities.
  11. Sign and submit, with accurate information, all required participation forms to the activities office.
  12. Will not circumvent any rules or guidelines of the school or district.
  13. Refrain from interfering with practices or games.
  14. Respect and accept with dignity the final decision of officials.

  • All spectators must recognize that the goal of the events is to provide young people the opportunity for healthy competition in the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie. 
  • Spectators must project a positive and supportive attitude and show respect for all the participants including the officials, coaches, and student athletes as well as other spectators and game management staff. 
  • Words and behaviors of spectators have a powerful impact.  Spectators should refrain from profane comments, obscene gestures, trash talking, or taunting.  Spectators should show support for the team without negative behavior directed toward the other team or the officials. 
  • Spectators should exhibit good character and act as positive role models. 
  • Attendance at extra curricular events is a privilege, not a right. 
  • Spectators must follow the directions of the school officials and game management staff at all times.
  • Decisions of the officials are final and cannot be questioned by spectators. 
  • Spectator conduct not conducive to a positive environment (as determined site administration and staff)  may result in the spectator being asked to leave the event and the spectator may be barred from attending future events.