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Kara Saldierna
Director of Special Education

Office: (531) 299-9461

Fax: (531) 299-0386

Supervisor: Connie Coltrane 
(531) 299-9569

Lead Teacher: Lori Chatfield
(531) 299-9549

Early Development Concerns

Do you have concerns about your infant or toddler's development? Is your child developing like other children his or her age? To talk to someone about those concerns or to request a screening, call the Early Development Network at (531) 299-0242.

The Early Development Network supports families and provides services that are designed based on the needs of children birth to age three and the specific concerns of the families. Depending on your child's needs, Services Coordinators, Special Education teachers, and other professionals will work together to develop a plan to help your child to grow and develop. If your child qualifies, the program “connects” families with early intervention services to help infants and toddlers grow and develop and help their families in this process. Omaha Public Schools professionals use the coaching model and work one-on-one with parents and caregivers to show them specific techniques they can use with their child and ways to help their child grow socially, cognitively, physically and in the area of language development.


Nebraska Rule 52 (Birth to 3 Years):