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OPS Title I Director:

Ms. Tina L. Forté

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Title I, Omaha Public Schools
Teacher Administrative Center
3215 Cuming Street
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Instructional Support

Since 1965, when federal funding became available under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Title I of the Omaha Public Schools has been actively involved in helping children become successful in their elementary  educational years.

Supplementary assistance is provided in the areas of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. As stated in Title I, Part A, of the No Child Left Behind Act, scientifically research-based instructional strategies must be used in any procedure that is implemented.

Title I supports the OPS District's approach to literacy where all students are expected to, and assisted in, reaching their highest potential by actively engaging in authentic and meaningful reading and writing experiences. Supplementary assistance is found in these areas:
•Additional curriculum materials and supplies
•Technology related curriculum and equipment
•Professional development
•Extended Learning Time programs

 The purpose of this plan is to provide strategic support to schools in Needs Improvement Corrective Action Years 3-4 and Needs Improvement Restructuring Year 5 with priority for Tier I PLAS Schools.  All support activities focus on deep implementation of the district's Academic Action Plan.  All support activities align with the District Strategic Plan, Academic Action Plan, Title I Corrective Action Plans, Title I Restructuring Plans and School Improvement Plans.