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Promote Language and Literacy - Yut-nol-eei


Materials: White construction paper, popsicle or craft sticks, pennies or buttons for markers, scissors, crayons or Sharpie™ pen
What to do: Cut a 12" x 12" square out of the white paper. Make a home spot in one corner and a path with arrows around the perimeter. Use your creativity to customize your game board or "yut-pan". Draw an 'X' on one side of each stick. This indicates the front of the stick. The four sticks as a group are called a "yut". Each yut combination stands for one of five animals; pig, dog, lamb. cow, horse. Each player grabs the four sticks (yut) and takes a turn throwing them, either on end or flat. The markers are moved along the arrows according to how the yut lands:
• One front and three back: The child shouts "Dough!", meaning pig, and moves one space.
• Two front and two back: The child shouts "Gae!" (gi-eee), meaning dog, and move two spaces.
• Three fronts and one back: The child shouts "Gur!", meaning lamb, and moves three spaces.
• Four fronts: The child shouts "Yut!", meaning cow, moves four spaces and throws again.
• Four backs: The child shouts "Moh!", meaning horse, moves five spaces and throws again.
The winner is the first to return home. This is a traditional game that Korean children play on New Year's Day. 

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