Kenneth Juhl

Supervisor of Schoolhouse Planning


(531) 299-0180 


(531) 299-0215 



Service Center 

4041 North 72nd Street 

Omaha, NE 68134-4470

Schoolhouse Planning

Schoolhouse Planning

The Schoolhouse Planning (SHP) Department is responsible for the overall planning of any modification to the Campus, Building, or Grounds. SHP will assist with the design and coordination of modification projects by assessing existing conditions, considering future plans being considered by the district, and conforming to all codes and regulations. SHP is also responsible for maintaining current records pertaining to building facilities and grounds which are used by other departments and divisions of Omaha Public Schools.

“To resolve and anticipate facility needs; through collaboration with schools, district staff and community partners by planning, designing and executing creative, functional solutions”

·         NEW Construction / Building Additions (including out‐buildings)

·         Interior Renovations (drilling, cutting or otherwise modifying walls, ceilings, floors or systems of

any facility)

·         Landscaping (planting of new trees, shrubs, flowers or any kind of plants in NEW beds or


·         Installation of marquees or other permanent exterior signs

·         NEW Fencing

·         NEW Irrigation systems or additions

·         NEW sidewalks, driveways, parking lots or other concrete / asphalt work

·         NEW playgrounds

·         Installation of any equipment or device that would become permanently affixed to any building or grounds (i.e. picnic tables, bike racks, benches, casework or cabinetry etc. that are anchored to the walls or mounted in concrete footings)

·         Any NEW equipment, furniture or device that requires “professional” installation where existing services (water, power, data / phone, ventilation etc.) need to be relocated or do not currently not exist. (i.e. office workstations, art kilns, water bottle filling stations, dishwashers, washers & dryers, ice machines, TV’s / smartboards etc.).