Welcome to the Division of Economic Inclusion


VISION Statement
The Omaha Public Schools (OPS) is certain that the inclusion of local, diverse, and Small Emerging Businesses (SEB) in the economic mainstream improves the stability and vitality of the entire community. This community encompasses the Students OPS serves, current and potential business Partners, and the broader metropolitan City of Omaha.

The OPS Division of Economic Inclusion serves as a strategic asset by providing leadership, guidance, and accountability for the promotion of Economic Inclusion in all District procurement practices, business protocols, and student learning and engagement activities.

The Economic Inclusion Division will level the playing field by collaborating with internal and external stakeholders in the identification and pro-active integration of consultants, prime and sub-contractors, suppliers, and vendors who value diversity and inclusion in business partnerships.


MISSION Statement

The primary goals of the OPS Economic Inclusion Division are to achieve the Vision of the organization, by developing and implementing best practices that promote inclusion and enhance opportunities for SEB participation in all District-related procurement activities, and to highlight measurable Economic Inclusion results aligned with the OPS Strategic Framework Vision, “Every Student, Every Day, Prepared for Success”, and the following OPS Strategic Guiding Principles:
• {Principle 1} Safe, Healthy, and Engaged Students: (P-1)
• {Principle 2} High Expectations, Rigorous Curriculum, and Effective Instruction (P-2)
• {Principle 4} Equitable and Efficient Systems and Resources: (P-4)
• {Principle 6} Involved and Supportive Community Partners: (P-6)
• {Principle 7} Accessible, Transparent, and Two-Way Communication: (P-7)

Alignment of OPS Guiding Principles and Economic Inclusion Goals:

1) Collaborate with District colleagues on educational programs that provide students experience in Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and Math (STREAM), and career opportunities in other professional services and mainstream business industries. (P-1 & P-2)

2) Lead the OPS Economic Inclusion Leadership Team through the development of processes and procedures that achieve inclusion goals and objectives across the District’s entire spectrum of education and operations. (P-2 & P-7)

3) Assist in the development, review, and maintenance of metrics and key performance indicators that assess Economic Inclusion results and recommend process improvements. (P-4)

4) Coordinate with Jacobs Program Management Office, and OPS Procurement, Building and Grounds, and other Administration Staff on Contractor Bids, Request for Qualifications and/or Proposals (RFQs and RFPs) activities that create opportunities for SEB participation, and provide ongoing documentation and reporting of those results. (P-4)

5) Represent OPS at community outreach events, build rapport, and team with public and private sector partners, community agencies, and potential stakeholders who provide Student engagement and Workforce development initiatives. (P-6 & P-7)

6) Advise senior management of inclusion strategies that lead to efficient business practices, and recommend inclusion policies and procedures for OPS Board of Education approval. (P-7)

7) Aid District implementation of plans that fulfill inclusion initiatives and demonstrate commitment to continuous process and organizational effectiveness. (P-7)

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