The purpose of the Green Schools Initiative is to reduce the consumption of natural resources and embed environmental responsibility in the culture of OPS. To date, 100% of the schools/programs and administrative offices participate. Students collect recycling, serve as energy managers, pick up litter, plant trees, and participate in related community events. Since 2010, OPS has seen a positive culture change, dramatically reduced its environmental impact, and accumulated approximately $16 million in cumulative cost reduction and avoidance. Through energy conservation measures, the district has avoided a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions - about 160,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide cumulatively. Want to help? Check out the "What You Can Do page.”

Dr. Sterba on GSI

"Omaha Public Schools has been dedicated to environmental stewardship and responsible resource management for over 10 years. We recognize the importance of protecting both the natural world and the health of our community. By continuously working to improve the efficiency of our operations, we not only minimize our impact on the environment but we also achieve significant cost savings for the district. All members of the OPS family are encouraged to participate in our efforts to be more sustainable with the goal of creating a healthy and thriving future for our students."

Dr. Lisa Sterba
Cheif Operations Officer

Goals and Metrics

In March 2015, OPS confirmed a set of goals for improving district-wide sustainability, including targets for energy use, emissions, waste reduction, and water use. OPS is currently in the process of updating these goals and setting new targets for the future. OPS’ new sustainability dashboard provides details about the previous goals, the district’s progress, and cumulative savings achieved throughout the history of the Green Schools Initiative. Click on the image below to view the dashboard.