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Grab and Go Breakfast

June 2, 2020
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Yet even today, children are arriving to school without having breakfast. 

We know proper nutrition is vital to the growth and development of children.  In an effort to ensure all of our children are ready to learn, Omaha Public Schools is offering the "Grab and Go Breakfast!" program.

Available to any school, this program allows children to select items from a variety of healthful hot and cold menu choices, put them in an eco-friendly bag and take it to their classroom. While eating, the children work individually on classroom assignments while the teachers take attendance, complete administrative work or read.  When finished, the children dispose of the paper waste in recycling containers.

For more information, please contact Nutrition Services at (531) 299-0230.




Adams Elementary

Indian Hill Elementary

Ashland Park Elementary

Jackson Elementary

Bancroft Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Beals Elementary

Joslyn Elementary

Belle Ryan Elementary

Kellom Elementary

Belvedere Elementary

Kenney Elementary

Benson West Elementary

King Elementary

Boyd Elementary

Liberty Elementary

Career Center (Auto Academy)

Lothrop Elementary

Castelar Elementary

Masters Elementary

Catlin Elementary

Miller Park Elementary

Central Park Elementary

Minne Lusa Elementary

Chandler View Elementary

Mount View Elementary

Columbian Elementary

Oak Valley Elementary

Conestoga Elementary

Pawnee Elementary

Crestridge Elementary

Picotte Elementary

Druid Hill Elementary

Pinewood Elementary

Edison Elementary

Ponca Elementary

FieldClub Elementary

Skinner Elementary

Franklin Elementary

Sherman Elementary

Fontenelle Elementary

Standing Bear Elementary

Gateway Elementary

Springville Elementary

Gifford Park Elementary

Sunny Slope Elementary

Gilder Elementary

Walnut Hill Elementary

Hartman Elementary

Western Hills Elementary

Highland Elementary
Wilson Focus Elementary