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Student safety is our #1 priority while transporting students to
and from school.  In order for us to better serve your transportation
needs, we want to offer contact information to assist you with
various scenarios you may experience.

Trevis Sallis - Director of Student Transportation
Annette Crowder - Transportation Manager
Kim Dove - Administrative Assistant
Traci Shobe - Operations Supervisor
Craig Clark - Routing Supervisor
David Prince - Vice President of Operations, Student Transportation of America (STA)

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Common Questions with Answers:

What should I do if the bus is running late or hasn't shown up?

Students should be at the stop 5 minutes prior to their scheduled time and are directed to return home if the bus has not arrived 15 minutes after the scheduled time. If your bus is not running on time, please immediately contact Student Transportation at 531-299-0140.

What if a bus comes to my child’s assigned stop and it is not the assigned bus number?

At times, due to unforeseen situations, a substitute bus may be assigned to your child’s stop. If this happens, the driver will make every attempt to have your child’s original bus number clearly visible in the front side window.  Sometimes your child’s bus number may not be visible. If your student cannot clearly see the bus number, be sure to let the driver know so any necessary changes can be made. 

  • Student Transportation 531-299-0140

What if I do not know my child’s bus number?

Please contact Student Transportation at: 531-299-0140.

Where do I find my middle/elementary school student's eligibility?


Please visit the Student Assignment Plan web page to find your eligible schools here: or contact Student Placement at: 531-299-0302.

  • Student Transportation 531-299-0140

What do I do if I have specific questions regarding my child’s transportation eligibility?

Please visit the Student Assignment Plan website to check your eligibility or call Student Placement at 531-299-0302.

  • Student Transportation 531-299-0140

How do I find out my child’s bus stop?

All official bus schedules and stop information will be provided to families through a student letter via U.S. postal mail from the Omaha Public Schools Student Transportation Division.  For the upcoming school year student letters are expected to be mailed the first week of August. 

  • Student Transportation 531-299-0140