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Operations Information

Operations is responsible for such activities as cleaning and maintaining facilities, the care of heating, lighting, ventilation equipment, and the operation and upkeep of the Board of Education facilities and grounds and to provide a clean and safe environment for students and staff.

 Firmly believing in the impact of clean facilities on student achievement, the Omaha Public Schools Operations Department is committed to the excellent pursuit of clean, healthy and safe buildings and grounds.

“Kids – Buildings – Us”

·         Snow removal/ distribution of sand for all district parking lots and bus loading zones

·         Manage burglar alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and card access system

·         Coordination and management of summer crews that assist in carpet cleaning and maintenance of district grounds

·         Providing quality substitutes for Head Custodians and other staff in the event of absence

·         Assisting in movement of teachers throughout the district

·         Movement of information and furniture upon request

·         Delivery of gasoline for various equipment used by school staff

·         Delivery of equipment for use by school staff (i.e. weed sprayers, roto tillers, carpet extractors, etc.)

·         Performing grounds work (i.e. tree trimming, trash removal, gravel for playgrounds, etc.)

·         Delivery of tables and chairs for various school events

·         Consistent training and equipping of district wide custodial staff

·         Ordering items that are not available in the Supply catalog (i.e. fertilizer, grass seed, belts, special sized filters, etc.)

·         Repair of fences

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