Taste It! Try It! Fruit & Veggie Day!


Do you remember when, as a child, you were told to “eat your fruits and vegetables”? Then, you looked at your plate and moved the little round green things from side to side, hoping they would go away?

Well, times have not changed! Studies indicate children are not eating the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Research shows that fruits and vegetables are powerful defenders of our health and should be the foundation of a healthy diet. In addition to protecting us from many chronic diseases, they provide essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. Serving a variety of fruits and vegetables and helping students to learn and enjoy these foods is part of the important work we do. When planning our menus, we pay particular attention to offering a variety of fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamins A and C. Plus, we want our students to learn the importance these foods play in a healthful diet.

Our “Taste It! Try It! Fruit & Veggie Day!” program introduces new and different fruits and vegetables all school year. Each month, we highlight a fruit or vegetable that we normally do not serve to our students. We provide fun facts and nutrition information plus during lunch we provide each student with a sample. At the conclusion of each month we analyze the popularity of the item and decide whether or not to add it to our menus.

This school year we will be featuring the following:

August - Plums                                                   January - Beets

September - Cataloupe                                      February - Turnips

October - Apples                                                March - Brussels Sprouts

November - Sun Gold Tomatoes                       April - Red Anjou Pears

December - Baby Bella Mushrooms                  May - Broccoflower

Read more about our featured fruits & veggies on our Newsletters page, called "Taste It! Try It! Fruit & Veggie Documents".