Our monthly newsletter provides nutritional information for the whole family.  It includes:

  • Recipes        
  • Fruit/Vegetable Fun Facts
  • Fun Tips for Eating Healthy at Home
  • Fun events going on for the month
  • New items offered to students
  • Nutrition education on food groups, food labels, or other food related topics for all ages


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 Are you looking for a short nutrition tip for a newsletter or a topic for conversation?  You will find, in the links below, daily tips you can use to help promote good nutrition. 

Each month, the tips will follow the same general theme as do the menus we send home and other information we distribute.  For the 2017-2018 school year, we are focusing on "Be A Superhero & Fuel Your Body Right!"

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Our “Taste It! Try It! Fruit & Veggie Day!” program introduces new and different fruits and vegetables all school year. Each month, we highlight a fruit or vegetable that we normally do not serve to our students. We provide fun facts and nutrition information plus during lunch we provide each student with a sample. At the conclusion of each month we analyze the popularity of the item and decide whether or not to add it to our menus.

August 2017 - PlumsView
Agosto 2017 - CiruelaView
September 2017 - CataloupeView
Septiembre 2017 - MelónView
October 2017 - Fresh Gala AppleView
Octubre 2017 - Manzanas Gala FrescasView
November 2017 - Sun Gold TomatoesView
Noviembre 2017 - Tomates DoradosView
December 2017 - Baby Bella MushroomsView
Diciembre 2017 - Champiñones Baby BellaView
January 2018 - BeetsView
Enero 2018 - RemolachaView
February 2018 - TurnipsView
Febrero 2018 - Col RábanoView
March 2018 - Brussels SproutsView
Marzo 2018 - Coles de BruselasView


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