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Mail Services

Mail Services operates under the Printing & Publications umbrella. The staff in Mail Services is responsible for inter-office mail delivery throughout TAC. Mail Services serves as the hub in which all mail moving from one building to another travels through. The Operations Division, part of Business Services, operates the trucks that deliver materials to all OPS buildings. Early every morning drivers begin the daily mail routes. These drivers handle the mail "buckets" for inter-office mail. Special fabric bags containing outgoing US Mail and outgoing mail destined for P&P are placed inside the mail "buckets" by schools. Both mail drivers and other Operations drivers handle carton and package deliveries from TAC to schools.
The mail drivers return to TAC after a portion of their route is complete and drop off the mail "buckets" already picked up. The drivers then continue the routes. The mid-day stop at TAC allows Mail Services to process around half of the incoming mail prior to the busy end of day crunch.

Incoming mail at TAC, whether it is from an OPS driver, US Mail, or parcel delivery is sorted at Mail Services and prepared for whatever additional processing is required. That additional processing is often one of the following 

  • Metering and preparing for delivery to the US Postal Service
  • Sorting for delivery within TAC  
  • Sorting for delivery to another building

    An inter-office mail route within TAC runs in the morning and afternoon. 

The special fabric bags containing outgoing US Mail and items for P&P are designed for quick sorting. Materials placed in the gray P&P bag gets to P&P within minutes of arrival at TAC. US Mail placed in the US Mail bag is metered and sent to the Post Office the same day. US Mail that's loose in the mail buckets is sometimes delayed until the next day. The hundreds of inter-office mail envelopes coming from schools are sorted and delivered within TAC the next day. Every effort is made to complete the sorting for mail going from one school to another in time for the next day's route.

The majority of outgoing US Mail sent to Mail Services is first-class mail. It is metered with the appropriate postage and sent to the Post Office. Occasionally schools prepare bulk mailings. Special procedures regarding the return address, postage permit, and sorting are required.