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Sunita Boyer
Purchasing Specialist

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Vendor-Issued and/or Bank-Issued Credit or Purchasing Cards
  • Vendors and/or banks occasionally solicit enrollment of District employees, departments, and schools for credit or purchasing cards issued by the vendor or bank. In some cases a vendor credit or purchasing card is simply forwarded directly to the District employee, department, or school. A business discount on purchases is frequently offered as an incentive for using the card.
  • No such cards are to be accepted or utilized by District employees. If a District employee receives a solicitation for enrollment for such a card, it should not be utilized and should be destroyed.
  • Cards of this type jeopardize the established business practices of the District.
  • The preclusion of the use of the above referenced vendor and/or bank issued cards is not applicable to an official Omaha Public Schools Procurement Card. For employees who are authorized by the District to use an official Omaha Public Schools Procurement Card, that use remains a valid one.