Jim Skrobo
Supervisor of Supply Chain
(531) 299-9837

Sunita Boyer
Purchasing Specialist

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Special RequestOrdering item(s) not listed in Omaha Public Schools Catalogs - available from a vendor's catalog
Annual OrderLarge, once a year order for many supplies - allows District to get best pricing for all
Budget CheckChecking for available funds ($)
ChartfieldsBudget coding for payment
Live MaterialsScience - Must specify date needed for classroom use - comments - note live materials needed by ____________ (Date)
PanelThe screen you are looking at on your computer screen
Project #The field for Grant numbers. All fund 154, 155, and 158 requisitions must have grant numbers.
UOMUnit of Measure - each, pkg, dozen & etc
Vendor Item #:Vendor's product # from vendor's catalog (special request)
Vendor NumberA specific number used to identify each vendor in People Soft
WorkflowThe process of sending a requisition to the approver(s) Worklist
WorklistAn approver's list of requisitions waiting to be approved
ApproverThe person authorized to approve a requisition based on the budget string. A requisition may require more than one approval.