Advisory Groups

We seek to include the community voice in our work to support the education of our students.  To this end, the following groups provide valuable advice to the office of Equity and Diversity. 

Omaha Student Voice Council is facilitated by the Office of Equity and Diversity as a forum for student self-advocacy, leadership development, promotion of positive peer relations, counteracting and minimizing bullying and discrimination, and increasing civic engagement and voting awareness; in concert with advising OPS district leaders on how to ensure diverse students have positive and successful experiences they can take from the classroom and school into the community.

-Informally advise the Office of Equity and Diversity and other district leadership on your educational and student successes
-Discuss great things happening in our schools and education programs, and
-Address areas of concern and needs for improvements for student achievement.

Omaha Student Voice Council is a Family

We Value

Join Omaha Student Voice Council
If you will be a High School Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior in 2018-19, you are eligible to apply to be a council member.  Apply HERE

The Equity and Diversity Steering Committee is community members working together to advise the work being done through Omaha Public Schools and Minnesota Humanities Center.

Equity and Diversity Steering Committee Theory of Action

If we...
-increase capacity of OPS personal to deepen their understanding about how and why inequities and underachievement occur
-implement strategies (instructional and other) to turn those patterns around
-develop the skills, expertise, and capacity to respond to student needs in culturally appropriate and effective ways
-engage in the design and implementation of more culturally responsive programs and structures. 

We will see...
-reduction in predictability of who is in the bottom and top quartiles of achievement
-academic, emotional, social achievement improve across the schools
-steady and significant progress made in closing academic achievement gaps
-improvement in positive school climate.





Educational Equity
Aligned with the mission of the Omaha Public Schools is the commitment to educational equity for all students, staff, and patrons of the school system. In all places and in all activities  of the Omaha Public Schools, it is expected that every individual will be treated in a fair and equitable manner. All conduct will reflect a belief in the dignity and value of person regardless of the individual’s race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, marital status, citizen status, or economic status.

Who We Are
Parents/guardians, students, community members, teachers and Omaha Public Schools Administrative staff. Advocates helping to meet the needs of African American Students and their families in closing the achievement gap. Though our name sounds exclusive, our programs touch students and families from all backgrounds.

To improve achievement in each school until the percentage of successful African American students is equal to the percentage of successful non-black students in the school district. Educate parents on ways to communicate effectively within the district. Strengthen the partnership between parents,  community, and schools.

AAAC Brochure

Who We Are
In 2008, the Latino Academic Achievement Council (LAAC) was created by members of the community that were focused on voicing the concerns and needs of parents and students.

The Latino Academic Achievement Council is intentionally comprised of a diverse group of community leaders, current students/alumnae, parents and school staff who are dedicated to uplifting the Latino community through education.

The focus has been and will continue to be to close the education gap for our Latino students in Omaha Public Schools.

Our Mission
The Latino Academic Achievement Council is dedicated to serve as a catalyst for academic excellence by promoting the advancement of leadership within Latino students, parents, and community.
  Concentration on three pillars:
        1. Latino Academic Achievement
        2. Membership/Community
        3. Increase Advocacy/Leadership







Native American Achievement Council is a collaboration of concerned persons and organizations in whose mission is to: Advocate for Omaha Public Schools' Native American students and their families to ensure all students achieve to their highest potential.

Who We Are:
Elders, Parents/Guardians, Secondary Students, Community Members, Teachers and anyone with a sincere passion in advocating for the academic achievement of our Native American students.

Purpose of NAAC:
NAAC was convened to examine the following issues:
1. Factors affecting student achievement
2. Articulating an overall vision of the key elements needed to serve the needs of Native American students well and positively impact their achievement. (Title VII Grant Approval)
3. Summarizing the current state of Native American achievement and identifying those key factors that impede its progress.
4. Increasing family and community engagement in the achievement of our students.
5. Supporting the efforts of NICE and understanding our unique role in promoting academic achievement.