Equity and Diversity Documents

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AAAC Brochure  542.37 KBDownloadBuilding on the foundation of the AAA Plan the Council continues to focus on programs and relationships with parents, community organizations, businesses, and Omaha Public Schools, to address the challenges all children of color and their families face.
Authentic Conversations About Race  146.94 KBDownloadCandid conversations about race are not easy. They often elicit feelings of grief, anger, frustration and a fear of being judged or misunderstood.
Awareness Calendar List  247.35 KBDownloadUpcoming Events · Calendar · Events Archive · Diversity Book Club · Holiday Calendar · Monthly ...
Complaint Form Discrimination Harassment or Retaliation  40.57 KBDownloadComplaints or concerns involving discrimination, harassment, or bullying can be submitted by mail or in person with this form if you prefer not to use the electronic form.
Diversity and Inclusion  667.27 KBDownloadWe believe diversity is a fact and inclusion is a choice we make as individuals and leaders.
Equity & Diversity - Terminology  352.06 KBDownloadThe purpose of this glossary is not to establish definitive or authoritative boundaries for inclusion and diversity terminology. Rather, provide a starting point for dialogue around the issues and establish a framework for questions or contestations.
Gender Identity Equity Guideline  131.24 KBDownloadThis document sets out guidelines for schools and district staff to address the needs of transgender and gender expansive students and clarifies how to protect the legal rights and safety of such students.
GREETER as GRIOT INITIATIVEChristine Prusha 252.05 KBDownloadGriot - a storyteller in western Africa who perpetually disseminates the oral tradition and history of a village or family.
Office of Equity and Diversity Responsiblities  492.12 KBDownload Equity, Access & Diversity is to ensure that students, faculty and staff are able to achieve their career and learning goals in a safe, inclusive environment.
Omaha Public School Survey of DepartmentsChristine Prusha UnknownDownloadCentral office departments are committed to supporting and providing excellent service to all school personnel in the Omaha Public Schools (OPS). Survey Purpose: The purpose of this customer satisfaction survey is to give building staff the opportunity t
OPS “C.A.R.E.S.”! A Diversity Campaign  70.34 KBDownloadOur Diversity Campaign called OPS CARES helps you remember 5 areas of diversity and inclusion: 
Collaboration , Awareness, Respect, Education, and Sincerity
Title IX Policy No. 1210Christine Prusha 93.59 KBDownloadOmaha Public Schools, in response to federal and state regulations for Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 - Prohibiting Sex Discrimination in Education, hereby adopts and re- affirms the following policy.