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5 Ways to Improve iPad Performance

iPad with low battery warning

Technology is a great tool for learning at home or in-person, and while hiccups happen, there are little tweaks you can make to help stay connected in class. Discover our quick and easy tips to keep your iPad running smoothly.

Take Charge 
Plug the iPad in overnight to charge and during breaks throughout the day so you’re always able to be connected.

Work on WiFi
If you have access to a WiFi network, turn off Cellular Data (LTE internet access) while the iPad is connected to WiFi. This helps preserve battery life while speeding up downloads and improving streaming.

Be Mindful of Videos
iPad batteries drain faster while streaming video. If you’re low on power, keep unnecessary streaming to a minimum until you can charge back up.

Dial Back the Brightness
The brighter the screen, the quicker the battery drains. Use the Control Center or Settings app to turn down your brightness to preserve power. 

Tidy Up
Just like a physical work space, iPads work more efficiently when things are orderly. Close out unused tabs in Safari and clear your cache and cookies to improve performance. 

Still feeling sluggish? Restart your iPad first, then contact your teacher or school for additional technical support if needed.

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