How to Read a Paycheck

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Payroll Information

Omaha Public Schools requires all full-time and part-time employees of the District to participate in an electronic Direct Deposit program.  The program provides each employee the following:
  • Electronic deposit of your check in either a checking or savings account automatically on payday. 
  • Employees will have access to available funds on payday. 
  • No mail delivery delay in the summer or in the event of a snow day. 
  • A Direct Deposit payroll stub will be available on line on payday.
  • Verification of your deposit on your monthly bank statement.
  • The security and convenience of Direct Deposit.
Select a financial institution with which you will be doing business for an extended period of time.
  • Complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Card.
  • Attach a voided check or the top portion of your savings account statement to the Authorization Card.
  • Send the Authorization Card with the voided check or the top portion of your savings account statement to Carmen Richardson in the Compensation & Benefits Office located at TAC.

All information should be submitted no later than 10 days prior to date of your next payroll check.  For questions or more information regarding Direct Deposit or the U.S. Bank AccelaPay card, please contact Carmen Richardson at 531-299-9796 or
Direct Deposit Authorization FormView
Paystub Duplicate Request FormView

Nutrition Elementary              Transp Supervision                   Sign Language Interpreters

Accompanist                          Office Clerical 10 month            Family Support 184 day       

Para Elem                             Social Workers                          Administration-SSL 200 day

Para Middle                           Secondary Assistant Principal     Kennedy Teacher 195 days

Para High School                   TAC Supervisor                        

Transportation Drivers Aide    Elementary Assistant Principal     

Nutrition Middle                     Elementary Principal

Nutrition Senior High             Transportation Keys - Dispatcher

Wilson Para                           Wilson Security

Security                                Wakonda Teacher

Teacher Leader                      School Psychologist

Active employees may now review your paystubs online at any OPS facility.  

Please see the instructions below.

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