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Research Office

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Requests to Conduct Research
Janet Zahm


The Research Division supports the district’s need to document and evaluate many of the district’s programs and practices. It has responsibilities in two general areas: Administrative Research and Instructional Research.
The Administrative Research arm of the division is responsible for the publication of statistical documents describing the demographics of the Omaha Public Schools and for the preparation of various district, state and federal reports.  Administrative Research staff also prepares enrollment projections, maintains district boundaries and maps, prepares comparative data for the negotiations process, and evaluates the impact of programs or interventions on student academic and social outcomes.
The Instructional Research side of the division oversees the district's assessment program including both criterion-referenced and norm-referenced testing. Instructional Research administrators work collaboratively with the Department of Curriculum and Learning to provide in-service training that assists principals and teachers with the interpretation and analysis of data to increase student learning.
Research requests or proposals are also evaluated by the Research Review Committee which maintains a standardized process evaluating requests based on relevance, quality and whether the research is in the best interests of the district’s students, staff, and community. 
If you are visiting this website in search for data on OPS, please peruse the links to the left. If the information you need is not available in the reports on this website, you can submit a data request by clicking on the Data/Research Requests link to the left.