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Scott SchmidtBonne, Director

Research Office

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Janet Zahm

Research Staff Directory

NamePositionSorted By Position In Ascending OrderPhone NumberEmail
Barb FarrellData Technician(531) 299-9598
Amanda LaFolletteData Technician(531) 299-9762
Molly NicklinData Technician(531) 299-9592
Ann JohnstoneData Technician(531) 299-9756
Scott SchmidtbonneDirector of Research(531) 299-9761
Jace DallmanEvaluation Specialist(531) 299-9750
Teresa M. EskeEvaluation Specialist(531) 299-9746
John CroweEvaluation Specialist(531) 299-9571
Michael YoergerEvaluation Specialist(531) 299-9327
Janet ZahmInstructional Research Administrator(531) 299-9595
Melissa SchroederInstructional Research Administrator(531) 299-9594
VacantLead Teacher for Assessment(531) 299-9512 
Kate MinshallLead Teacher for Assessment(531) 299-7763
Jen SextonLead Teacher for Assessment(531) 299-9463
Cathy BlissOffice Manager(531) 299-9417
Casey HughesResearch Staff Assistant(531) 299-9759