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Compensation and Benefits Division

Compensation and Benefits Overview

The Compensation and Benefits Division is responsible for:

  • The payroll and benefit administration for all current and former employees of the school district.
  • The collection, verification, calculation and record keeping of employee and retirement payroll.

Compensation and Benefits Major Functions

  • Employee Time Collection
  • Benefits Administration
  • Payroll Administration
  • Retiree Payroll Administration
  • Benefits / Payroll Systems Management
  • Record Keeping

Underlined items 1 through 3 must be completed and returned to the Compensation & Benefits Department within 30 days of hire.

This page contains all of the information you need to become familiar with your fringe benefits as an employee of the Omaha Public Schools.
Review the materials carefully!

You must return all necessary forms within 30 days of hire to the Compensation & Benefits office. It is important to use your legal name, and the legal name(s) of all dependents/beneficiaries when completing benefit enrollment paperwork.

1. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Enrollment form:  

Omaha Public Schools offers Single, Spouse, Dependent and Family Health Insurance.  Health insurance coverage is a condition of employment. You must complete the enclosed Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health and Dental Enrollment form and return it to the Compensation & Benefits Department within 30 days of hire. You will receive your I.D. card and booklets directly from Blue Cross/Blue Shield once your enrollment form has been processed and your coverage goes into effect.

2. Omaha School Employees’ Retirement System Beneficiary card:
Complete this card to designate your beneficiary for the Omaha School Employee’s Retirement System.

3. Group Term Basic Life Insurance Beneficiary card:
The District provides all full-time employees with a $25,000 of basic term insurance effective on the first of the month after 30 days of employment. Complete this card to designate your beneficiary for the $25,000 Basic Life Insurance policy.

4. Direct Deposit enrollment card (Please attach a voided check or savings account statement)

5. (Optional) Plan 125 Enrollment Form

6. (Optional) Supplemental Employee, Spouse or Dependent Life Insurance enrollment Form

7. (Optional) Tax Deferred Savings Plan (403B) Form.

8.  VSP Vision Enrollment Form

Contact the Compensation & Benefits Department at (531) 299-0224 with any questions about the benefit enrollment process.