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Health and Dental Information

Omaha Public Schools offers a four tier PPO health insurance coverage for all full time employees.  All new employees have the option to elect single,  family, employee & spouse or employee and child(ren) coverage.  Employees may add family, spouse or child coverage upon experiencing certain qualifying events.  Depending on your negotiated agreement, after service year requirements are met, the school district will pay a portion of the health insurance premium.  Rates are posted below.   

Please refer to your negotiated agreement. Enrollment in single health and dental coverage at OPS is mandatory and a condition of employment. The current health and dental insurance carrier is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska. You must complete the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health and Dental Enrollment form and return it to the Compensation & Benefits Department within 30 days of employment.

The effective date of coverage for new employees is the first of the month following 30 days of employment - (e.g.) employment date October 10, 2016, coverage begins December 1, 2016.    

For more details, including the Preferred Provider Directory, contact the Blue Cross Blue Shield web site.