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1. How have you transformed as a teacher?
I feel that I have transformed as a teacher in many ways. First, I have learned that technology is so much more than a replacement to curriculum or content. Through the use of technology, teachers can promote student engagement, collaboration, creative and critical thinking, as well as help students develop a deeper understanding of content. These are also crucial skills to develop for their success in future careers.

Technology is a way for me to transform my current lessons into ones that are more meaningful to my students. I also know that technology is vital to my students’ future as their world continues to be surrounded by technology. It is no longer a supplement in my classroom it is an essential element in many of my lessons.

Finally, I have developed a different mindset when it comes to teaching and learning. I now see the student first versus the content. I focus my lessons on where my students are currently at, where they need to go and the best ways to get them to their goals. Student-centered learning allows students to work at their own pace and level to meet their individual needs. All teachers are working hard to differentiate their instruction and the use of technology makes this easier and to me a much more manageable task.

2. How have you noticed your transformation impacting your students’ learning?
First, my students are excited about learning. They want to be in my classroom and they are excited about learning. My students are proud of themselves and have found their strengths. But what I love seeing most, is all of my students being successful in the same skill, but in their own ways.

I have a very wide range of academic levels in my room, from ELL newcomers to students two levels above grade level. The use of technology has allowed all of my students to participate in the same activities, but at their individual levels. This gives my classroom a strong sense of community. They learn with and from each other.

3. What tips would you give to a teacher that wants to grow as an educator?
Don’t be afraid of new things! I once heard a saying that has really stayed with me, “change is not scary, it’s uncomfortable.” Many times when I try new things in my classroom, I tell my students, “this is new to me.” I ask them to be patient and also ask for their support. We work through it together, which helps ease my fear of failure and let’s my students feel valued.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Change is uncomfortable, but going at it with support can make it so much better. As educators, we are excited to help others and we need to lean on each other for all to be successful. Make connections with like-minded teachers and use them to transform your teaching. This can be educators from you school, district, and now through the use of social media, anywhere around the world! It is important to take advantage of the wonderful resources right around you.

4. You showcase a lot of what you do to engage learners in class on Twitter. Why is that important to you?
I want to start by saying I have only been actively using Twitter for about a year. And to be honest, I was resistant and overwhelmed by the whole idea. I’m thankful to a wonderful teacher who supported me along the way and helped me to jump right in. Showcasing my classroom on Twitter is important to me for a few different reasons. First, my students love it! They are proud of their work and want to show it off! I’m happy to have their parents, community members and other educators see the wonderful things they are doing in the classroom. My students love to see the feedback we also receive from others. It’s connecting them to others beyond the classroom walls.

Second, it is my way to connect with other educators. I have learned so many new ideas and strategies through Twitter, as well as connected to hundreds of like-minded educators around the world. We have been able to Skype or communicate with other educators, classrooms and professionals through the use of Twitter.

Finally, Twitter is a major part of my professional development. Education is always changing and not two days or lessons are the same. It is my way of seeing what’s happening in classrooms right now. It also gives me the flexibility to learn when and where I have time from the doctor’s office, to my daughter’s dance class, or from the comfort of my couch. I can grab my phone and learn something new at any time. Twitter chats also play a key role in this instant form of knowledge. I can learn more and get more resources in a 45-minute Twitter chat than an hour-long staff meeting. Plus, you can find a Twitter chat on almost any topic!

My thoughts about Twitter have definitely changed and I am now encouraging all teachers to join. It has become a powerful resource for me in many ways.
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