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The Omaha Public Schools recognizes the value of educational research in fulfilling the school district's mission and meeting the needs of students. It is the practice of the Omaha Public Schools to allow individuals, institutions, and organizations to conduct research and obtain student data if approved by the district's Research Review Committee.

Individuals interested in Conducting Research in OPS, Obtaining Student Data, or Requiring Survey Assistance must get approval from the OPS’ Research Division. Please read the guidelines pertaining to your request, and then complete the online form. Please note that these requests may require Consent Forms, Data Release Forms, and/or Confidentiality Agreements.

If you are a student teacher conducting research as part of  your student teaching requirement, please contact Janet Zahm directly at as you may not need to complete this form.  Please note that any study, including student teacher research, that includes the completion of surveys or interviews by students, parents, or staff must be approved by the Research Review Committee.